Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Danielle and I am a SAHM & Homeschooler to five beautiful children. Two daughters ages 11 & 6 and three sons ages 10, 5 and 2. My husband and I have been together since 2004. If you are doing the math in your head, yes, I have two children from a previous marriage. We live in central Iowa and dream of exploring the world as a family unit.

My passions that extend beyond my family include: holistic health, traditional cooking, herbology (specifically Traditional Chinese Medicine) and homesteading with a gypsy spirit. My mission is to bring my family back into the natural and beautiful life that our ancestors thrived in with a little technology and adventure thrown in for good measure.

Many things that I will be blogging about are ones that I am learning myself. Our ancestors utilized a tribal learning environment and I embrace the same. Wisdom should be passed down and shared. I believe that expanding our knowledge daily is part of our journey. Won’t you join me?

Contact House of Kirk

email: houseofkirk(at)gmail(dot)com


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