Sudoku is a fun and challenging way to exercise logic, critical thinking and mathematical skills. Our kiddos love Sudoku in book form so much, that I decided to expand on the game. In comes Wall Sudoku.

What you’ll need:

  • Large White Board, Overhead Projector or Large Roll of Paper (our local newspaper sell end rolls for $2.00)
  • Appropriate Sudoku Worksheets
  • Markers (dry erase markers or regular markers for paper)

How to play:

Sudoku for children aims to keep it simple. The object is to fill in the missing numbers without having any one number repeat itself vertically (columns) or horizontally (rows). Advanced children’s Sudoku extends this rule to each cube. Sudoku is not limited to numbers. You can also use shapes, letters and pictures. For Sudoku templates, go to or google Sudoku for Kids.

When to play:

  • Imagination is the limit.
  • You can post a new Sudoku each morning before the kids get up and allow them to fill in the squares throughout the day.
  • Make it a race! Set a kitchen timer and see how fast they can complete the puzzle. Either individually or as a team.
  • Make it a family event! This could easily be added to your family game night rotation or as a fun after dinner game when entertaining.
  • Have a child that LOVES math? Make up several Sudoku Wall boards out of paper and hand them on the fence outside at a birthday party, sleepover or BBQ. Throw markers in a bucket and let the kiddos go to town!

Demonstrating Pre-K Wall Sudoku.

Demonstrating K-1st Wall Sudoku.

Our 6-year-old is currently working on this 9×9 Wall Sudoku.


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