I cannot speak for the rest of the parent populations, but for me, this summer, is by far, the craziest summer to date. I’m not complaining mind you, just readjusting. Which seems to be the theme of parenthood…constant readjustment…evolving.

We started this week off with Father’s Day. Our kiddos planned the entire day. Smoothies for a lazy breakfast. Perkins (new to our city) for lunch. Long lazy afternoon of napping for Daddy and a quiet dinner at home. We also took him to Shoppers Supply to pick up a spanking new fishing license but realized he did not have his ID. Oops!

Bright and early Monday morning we headed out to Lakeside Golf Course for the second week of the Junior Golf Clinic. To our surprise no one was there. We scratched our heads and trucked on to the next item of the day: photography session. Our 5th grader wanted to get a few more shoots before her 4H Photography Club meeting that night. We cruised around the country side, making several stops along the highway for photo opportunities. After that we dropped off recycling at the Recycling Center and made a quick stop at Fareway to pick up some essentials. Then, quick as a flash, we raced home to prep for hosting the Homeschool 4H meeting. During the meeting the 4Hers discussed which projects they had registered for County Fair. We also discussed our theme for the club booth, which is the 1920s. What a fun decade to be in charge of! Prohibition, Womens rights, flapper girls, jazz music, the beginning of 4H in Webster County, the first National 4H Convention. It was a busy decade! As the host family, we were in charge of the presentation. We decided that we would share some frugal knowledge and demonstrated how to make DIY liquid laundry soap. We also chatted about how to spread out your food budget by regenerating foods on your windowsill. Celery, bok choy, loose-leaf lettuce, green onions; all of these foods can be regenerated with warm water and sunshine. After the meeting adjourned, our 4Her edited her final choices for Fair entries. After dinner we dropped off the middle three at VBS and headed to Photography. I made another run to Fareway to pick up forgotten items and then headed back to Photography and VBS to reclaim our children. Somehow we managed to squeeze in a few books during the day too.

Tuesday morning, we played at Kennedy Park with our new friends Ally and Elliott while our 3rd grader knocked balls around at Junior Golf Clinic. Then we headed back to Fareway…I’m working on breaking my all time record of Fareway trips in one week…just kidding. After lunch, the kiddos had friends over to play. Our oldest two headed off to visit their Dad late afternoon. My husband and I took our youngest three to “A Family Victorian Evening” at the historic Ringland-Smeltzer Home. We enjoyed a picnic dinner, old fashion lawn games and the comical magic tricks of one Mr. Jim Jayes. Directly following the children headed off to VBS. I made yet another trip to Fareway before picking up the kiddos. We finished the day with a bedtime story and hit the hay.

Wednesday (today), we started the morning off with light chores. Then dropped of our 3rd grader off at Junior Golf Clinic. The other four children and myself went hiking at Kennedy Park for 45 minutes. We have been enjoying the massive 400 acre forest. The children have been ‘training’ me for an upcoming 5K in October and have been taking turns being trail leader. Our youngest (2.5 years) rides in a Trek backpack, which adds 30 pounds of weight to my workout. We walk/jog the trail for a few miles and take in all the wonders of Mother Nature. Today we discovered a quiet fishing hole off the trail. After our hike we picked up our golfer and headed to the Library for story time. Our 5-year-old is enjoying his final session of story time before he is officially too old. The other children enjoyed computer time, visiting with friends and picking out new books. We made a quick stop in the Library book store and the oldest two purchased a few books.

Tonight the children will attend their last VBS session at Grace Lutheran. The rest of our week will consist of preparation for 4H judging on Saturday (an all day event) and Junior Golf Clinic wraps up on Friday. We may throw in a camping trip this weekend after my husband returns from a concert in Des Moines. Our 5th grader is excited about the possibility of attending the outdoor church service at Kennedy Park Campground. It is a beautiful amphitheater setting in the woods overlooking Lake Badger. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect church setting if I tried.

Next week we start in with Junior Tennis, continue with Tuesday Morning Adventures at the Library and hiking at Kennedy. We will enjoy a few playdates and hopefully get back to volunteering at the Humane Society. *Fingers Crossed* We will also start in with a woodworking project for the Webster County Fair. Our 5th grader has elected to construct a Bat Box. I’m excited that she is expanding her skills and very proud of her determination to help protect such a noble creature.


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