I’ve been on the search for ECO-MAMA approved DIY toy storage. I gave up on purchasing something at the store after countless trips of plastic, plastic, plastic options. So I did what every other distraught parent does…a google search. I searched “eco friendly DIY toy storage” under images and found this picture:

Here is what I’m thinking. Old dresser drawers. If you don’t have any, city junk day is a good time to pick them up. If you’re city doesn’t have a junk day, you can find a beat up dresser at thrift stores or garage sales for under $5.00 (haggle, haggle, haggle). For example, we recently picked up a six-drawer dresser at a Christian Thrift Store for $3.00. Granted, I have other plans for that dresser, but it was a dirt cheap purchase.

Some dresser drawers come with inserts. If yours do not, its a simple modification. The stand is a beginners level project too…or you could upcycle an old quilt rack. Whatever floats your boat. Some fun paint or Mod Podge old magazine pages and your toy room will look hip and chic for pennies on the dollar.

Happy Upcycling!


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