I’ve been giving modest shoes a lot of thought lately. Due mostly to the fact that I am struggling to replace/expand my wardrobe. I haven’t had much luck at the thrift stores. Most thrift-store shoes that fit into my personal beliefs of modest shoes are…well….ugly. My aim is to be modest, be comfortable and yet still be attractive without drawing unwanted/unneeded attention to myself.

I haven’t worn heels for years. I don’t find them practical and with a bad back, they are torture devices. I was reminded of this when I borrow a pair of high heels for our Anniversary date. At the time, I only had one pair of ballet flats and they didn’t go with my outfit. Our neighbor lent me a pair of open toe black high heels. Granted, my husband was pleased. Honestly, I did feel a little sexy…but I spent the whole night worrying about how I was walking, the pain I was in and the attention they were drawing. I’m feeling pulled towards adding high heels to the banned shoe list.

I’m interested in knowing what other wives/mothers out there feel about modest shoe wear and where you shop. I aim to be as frugal as possible but also understand that investing in a few staple piece can we worth it in the long run.

So, to all you Modest Moms out there: How do you feel about modest shoe wear? Where do you shop?


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