Kirk Academy has added an online learning tool; otherwise known as The award-winning site offers a comprehensive learning environment for children ages 2-Kindergarten. Our family opted for the 18-month membership ($79.00), which equates to 8 months free membership.

What I love about the site is the flexibility and availability. When we travel, we can access the curricula anywhere we have internet access. No hauling 100 pounds of books. *NOTE: is only part of our full curricula.*  Another bonus is the printables. offers thousands of printables to go along with over 570 lessons your child(ren) has access to. When you set up your child(rens) account, you have three options: step-by-step (recommended), guided or independent learning. No matter which option you choose, the program tracks your child(rens) progress. When your child has completed each learning level, they graduate (diploma included).

Covering: math, science, social studies, art, reading, music and the world around us. The program is a well designed tool for any family. Our 2nd grader even enjoys playing on the site…and I don’t mind. She is joyfully unaware that she is reinforcing all of those wonderful skills that she has absorbed over the first four years of schooling.

Not sure is right for your family? No problem. You can test drive the site for one month with no committment.

Head over to and check it out today.


Disclaimer: House of Kirk conducted an independent review of and is not being compensated in any way.


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