I love camping. I love reconnecting with nature. I love paying homage to Mother Nature in all her glory. I do not like tents. I do not like sleeping on the ground…or cots…or air mattresses. My back simply cannot take it. Insert our camper trailer. We are in love with out camper. We love everything about it. Except the fact that you still have to be connected into the power grid to utilize all the wonderful household amenities campers have to offer.

We have plans. Big plans. To unplug from the power grid. Here is where we plan on starting:

SUNBEE 240 WATT RV SOLAR PANELS: Capable of generating 13.72 amps, this system can keep 6+ batteries fully charges at all times.

AIR 40 WIND TURBINE: Recommended for small battery-charging applications, the AIR 40 is perfect for campers/RVs.

COMPOSTING TOILET: Available at most sporting good stores. Composting toilets are perfect for the eco-minded campers. No nasty chemicals. No fuss and mess. The contents can be added to your flowerbed compost upon return.

THE ECOFLOW RECREATIONAL WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM: Boasted as the most eco-friendly water filtration system on the market. No chemicals. No electricity. Just a cleverly designed triple filtration system that filters chemical and microbiological contaminated. No matter where you fill up, your water will be pure.

THE LAUNDRY POD: Portable. Manual. Easy to use. Wash your clothes in less than 10 minutes.

THE SMART DRYER: At first, a clothes line seemed simple. All you need is a rope and two trees, right? That is IF there are trees near your camp. After much consideration, the Smart Dryer seems to be the wise choice. Not only can we use it in the camper, but also indoors when at home. It easily clamps to the camper, so no need to worry about where you’re going to put it when you get to your site.


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