This week our local Aldi’s had strawberry on sale for $0.99 per container. Our local farmers market hasn’t had strawberries yet and ours haven’t even begun to ripen. I decided to take advantage of the sale and bought a flat of strawberries (approx. 10 pounds). We brought them home, rinsed and cleaned them and placed them (single layer) on a towel atop the flat. Then we popped them into the freezer overnight and bagged them up in quart size freezer bags (about 4.5 C. per bag). *Cringe* I know, plastic. We haven’t accumulated enough mason jars for all of our needs and I’ve had to be stingy about what goes where. TIP: Placing the fruit atop an old (clean) towel in the freezer makes for easy packaging. You simple shake the towel and the frozen fruit pops right off.

We will use these for smoothies and pies. Hopefully we can add another 40 pounds or so to the freezer and I’m hoping to can about 50 pounds of jam. I have to make another trip to Aldis before the weekend to get more. *Fingers Crossed*

Our children were asking me why on earth I bought SO many strawberries. We had just purchased four pounds a few days before for snacking. I explained the price difference. Fareway has their strawberries on sale for $1.68 per package. A savings of $0.69 per package. When you are talking about a 100 pound purchase, that’s a savings of $69.00.

What produce deals have you found lately?


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