I absolutely adore vintage clothing! I have a special fondness for 50s and 60s garb. It’s my go to date night style. Occasionally, a girl just has to show her ankles. As you can imagine, I was pretty tickled when our oldest daughter started sporting pokadots and Victory rolls.

In the world of modern modest on a frugal budget, it can be hard to find those staple pieces. I love new clothes just as much as the next girl, but more often that not a pencil skirt hot off the racks just doesn’t fit our budget. There is a certain romance in vintage clothing. It’s cheap (most of the time), it’s the real deal and the quality stands the test of time. I mean seriously…can you say the same thing about something you bought at the local super store last year? I know mine never last.

Thrift stores can be your best friend when you are on the vintage search. Specialty vintage stores come with a specialty price. House of Kirk strongly suggests taking advantage of your local thrift store sales. One of our local shop, Village General Store, has $8.00 bag sales the first Wednesday of every month. All thrift stores tend to run similar promotions. If you’re not sure, ask them!

If you happen to be in our area, be sure to ‘like’ Village General Store on Facebook. You will have access to special promotions and they always post a heads up on upcoming sales. Their hours of operation are listed on their Facebook page.

To a frugal shopper, it’s a win-win situation. You get to pre-fill your bags, so you know exactly what you’re in for before you check out. Instead of spending $3.00 on one vintage skirt you can get 10! The last time I went to their bag sale, I was able to get: 3 mens jeans, 3 ladies jeans, 3 dresses, 1 swim suit, 5 bras (with the tags on), 2 belts, 6 skirts and a pair of children’s shoes. Everything fit into 2 bags. The belts and shoes were not included in the bag price.

My cost: $19.00.

What did I save? Lets do the math:

  • $3.00 mens jeans X 3 = $9.00
  • $3.00 ladies jeans X 3 = $9.00
  • $3.00 ladies dress X 3 = $9.00
  • $3.00 ladies swim suit
  • $1.00 bra (new with tags) X 5 = $5.00
  • $1.00 belt X 2 = $2.00
  • $3.00 ladies skirt X 6 = $18.00
  • $3.00 children’s shoe, negotiated down from $4.00

Amount Saved: $39.00

The swim suit was for our oldest daughter and was a moderately modest find. It is a one-piece that looks like she is wearing a tank top and board shorts. Not exactly what we were looking for, but a step in the right direction.

Even though I do not wear pants, the ladies jeans were a needed purchase. We volunteer at the local Humane Society and the jeans are protocol. It’s for our own safety, so we comply. It’s been so long since I bought a pair of jeans, I had no idea what size I was. I took a guess and they fit! Yay! Although, I have to say, wearing jeans again feels completely foreign.

Out of the 6 skirts, 3 are jean material 3/4 length to ankle length. The other three are vintage 50s below the knee skirts. I was SO pumped! What a find! I have seen skirts like these go for $50 online. I paid $0.80 per item. They look similar to the image below. I plan on pairing them with 3/4 sleeve shirt/blouse, a belt and ballet flats.

Wednesday, June 6th will be the next $8.00 bag sale. Hope to see you there!




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