Life Happens…and at our house, that means the washer and dryer like to eat clothing…literally. So what do you do when life hands you a bunch of damage clothing? Break out your sewing machine, naturally.

Here is an example of what can be done with a damaged dress. Our great-niece had her baptism a few weeks ago. I had originally made her a dress. Then I made her a skirt. I wasn’t happy with either one. Our toddler had used his helping hands to throw the tension out on my sewing machine. Try as I might, I just couldn’t get the settings back. The result…messy lines. I wasn’t happy. C’est la vie. Then my eye caught a glimpse of floral material that was sitting in my ‘mend’ pile. It used to be an adorable little Easter dress that was destroyed by our washer. The straps had been ripped off, the top torn and burnt. My first thought was, upcycle it into a skirt…but then it spoke to me…it said, I’m an apron. An apron it became.

I started the upcycle project by cutting out the middle back section. This was reserved for ties. Then I removed the top 3/4. The dress had its orginal belt loops intact and I decided the apron needed a little glam, so they stayed. Next I hemed the bare edges and made the belt/ties from the reserved material. I did decide to sew the belt to the apron edges for a little extra support.

In less than a half an hour the once destroyed dress was reborn into a beautiful apron fit for a Princess. That’s Princess Emma to be exact.

Upcycled Chid’s Apron

I wrapped the apron with a children’s cookbook and a set of measure spoons. Project complete.


What upcycling projects have you been working on?


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