Today we went on a big field trip for Home Economics. First we picked up a decorative tricycle for our garden that Mom bought off Facebook. Then we toured Eddie’s Greenhouse. We bought some herbs: peppermint, rosemary and dill. My first impression of Eddie’s Greenhouse was an enchanting miracle that God just plop’d out of nowhere. *Angels Singing* There were thousands of beautiful flowers EVERYWHERE you looked…BA BAM!!!

My favorite flower was Non Stop Bright Rose. ^ They look like this. ^  Then we went to the Yard Waste facility to pick up some compost…but they were closed. *Dun dun duh* Then we went to Fort Dodge Parks and Rec to find out about a park shelter for our annual birthday bash. It was rented already. *Dun dun duh* After that, we picked up mulch from the Community Mulch Pile. The evil mulch kept flying in my eyes (it was really windy). *Dun dun duh* I asked my Mom why people do not just get their mulch here, instead of buying it? My Mom said it’s probably because everybody are couch potatoes( ok i admit she did not really say that *mwha-ha-ha-ha!*) She said ” Because most people are just lazy….or they probably don’t know about it. *Tear* my way was better……..but my mom is not “EVIL” like I am.  Yes i will bite *grrrrrr!* We came home and Mom put down the mulch. Yes, I made her do all the work “mwha-ha-ha-ha!* Next we had lunch…it was burnt pizza *ugh*…it was awesome! After lunch, I helped my Mom…yes I helped her this time…clean out the camper trailer. I wanted to help because I wanted to sleep in it tonight. *Tear* Sadly, I did not get to because it was going to storm or something and my Mommy was afraid of something and I have a big list of what she would be afraid of:

  1. I would be kidnapped
  2. I would die
  3. The trailer would tip over
  4. She would die laughing
  5. etc.

Sadly, my fellow fans, I have to leave. *Tear* If anybody laughs I shall kill you…the end. *Pffffff* Okay, I won’t kill you…..maybe a teeny bite *evil smile*

~ “Star” 5th grade





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