Have you ever really thought about the impact your food choices have on your health? I mean really thought about them? Do you even know what is in your food? Many of us don’t. Many of us simply don’t want to. It is no secret that our food choices are linked to diabetes, cancer, ADHD and well…every other modern disease known to man. Did you also know that it was the cause of tooth decay (cavities) and disease? Sure, we all know that things like pop and candy are bad for our teeth but what about everyday foods?

What we put on our plate AND how we prepare our meals has a profound impact on our overall health. It also has a profound and sometimes irreversible impact on our teeth. Foods like grains, fat soluble minerals and meats have an impact on our dental health as well. These facts have been documented since the 1920s, but it was not fully understood how or why these practices worked until now. In recent years, with the help of modern science, research facilities all over the world have been able to prove the long-standing work and research of wellness pioneers like Dr. Weston A. Price and Drs. Edward and May Mellanby.

They were responsible for invaluable research and documentation that was well ahead of their time. Sadly, it did not receive the recognition it deserved at the time, nor really does it now but it is slowly gaining ground. All of which points to diet. During the 1920s Dr. Price was able to show a distinct and alarming difference in overall wellbeing and dental health among those eating traditional diets vs. modern. Mellanbys’ research was similar and with echoing results. The long and short of it held that those people who converted to modern diets soon were effected with modern diseases, including tooth decay. If those people returned to the traditional diets of their region, the diseases dissipated. Similarly, those in the States that reverted back to foods such as pastured butter, whole fats and soaked grains also were able to reserve disease and decay.

The unfortunate circumstances in this discovery was that it was at a time in history when processed, refined and convince-foods dominated the markets and had the full endorsement of the Government and all the so-called health authorities of the times. Perhaps not much of that has changed today…In fact the state of over refined, processed and sudo-fortifyied products has all but over run todays market. But fear not, hope is not lost. Tradition, culture and REAL FOOD do still exist. It has been keep alive by those who know its worth.

With that being said, there is hope for us too. It is not too late to return to our roots. To learn the ways of our ancestors. To reclaim our lives and our wellbeing. It starts with a change. A small change…but just as a tiny ripple in the water, those small changes have tremendous impact.

Soaking grains and making REAL sourdough bread from scratch everyday may seem like a big step to take. Indeed they are. Might I suggest an equally important small change? DIY Remineralization Toothpaste. Along with avoiding processed foods, candy and soda (avoid the last one like the plague), changing what you clean your teeth with can have a tremendous impact as well. Many store-bought toothpaste contain harmful and toxic chemicals. They damage your teeth, your wellbeing and the environment. By simply taking a few minutes to mix up a batch of DIY Remineralization Toothpaste, you not only aid your teeth in the battle against tooth decay, but can also REVERSE the damage.

The recipe below is simple, cost-effective and safe for: babies, toddlers and those with thyroid problems. If you have a loved one that is proned to tooth decay, please don’t delay. Do bear in mind that not all tooth decay can be reversed. There is such a thing as too much damage. However, your teeth do have the ability to remineralize and rebuild themselves…if you help them.

Might I also suggest changing out that ghastly store-bought mouth wash in exchange for Cold Pressed Olive Oil. Oil pulling done each morning is an easy and dramatic change. Simply sip a small amount of oil (about a TBSP.), swish around your mouth slowly for 15-20 minutes. You need not swish it fast and hard like store-bought mouth wash. The act of swishing or pulling it around your mouth activates the enzymes which draws toxins from your mouth tissues and blood. DO NOT SWALLOW! Once the oil draws the toxins out, the oil becomes toxic. Be sure to spit the oil out and rise your mouth with water. Brush as normal.

You might find that your teeth will start to brighten, whiten, become less sensitive and you will have that ‘just out of the dentist’ clean feeling to your teeth. With the addition to oil pulling, you will notice a change in your breath as well.

If you would like to read more on the subject; here is just one of MANY sources out there: Reversing Tooth Decay

DIY Remineralization Toothpaste

  • 2 TBSP. coconut oil
  • 2 TBSP. baking soda
  • 2 TBSP. calcium magnesium powder
  • 2 TBSP. xylitol or green stevia powder
  • 2 tsp. real sea salt
  • 20 drops essential oil (ex. peppermint)
  • 10 drops trace minerals


  1. with the olive oil rinse, do you mean 15-20 seconds or is it really 15-20 minutes? Sounds interesting either way.

    • 15-20 minutes is the goal. I do things to keep myself busy, like brush my hair, some light cleaning, etc. You can slowly work yourself up to the full time if need be.

      You will know that you have fullfilled your time by the colorization of the oil. If it turns green when you spit it out, you are half done. If it turns white, mission complete!

      Be sure to disinfect your sink afterwards, a little White Vinegar will do the trick. Or spit it in the stool…seems easier to me.

      Once the oil pulls out the toxins it is harboring thousands of tiny microbes in the early stages of development. The microbes can be see under a 600X microscope and is a fun science experiment…if you have access to a microscope that is.

      Happy Oil Pulling!


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