In last Thursday’s post, MODERN MODEST THURSDAY’S: CREATING SKIRTS FROM ON HAND MATERIALS, I had mentioned that we have been working on several skirts. I also may have mentioned that I would post pictures of the finished projects. In doing so I inadvertently invoked one of the many murphy laws of parenting: Thou shall not announce any event, appointment, plans, goals or dinner plans in advance. Once the words have been uttered, the universe will surely derail your plans.

Our derailment came in the form of allergy attacks. My poor husband has spent the last week in bed (when not working) trying to ward off his allergy attacks. Which means, as his wife, I am at his beck and call (more so than usual). I’ve spent the week washing bed sheets and fluffing pillows. Running errands and picking up the slack where the slack need be picked up. Which translates into —> no time for sewing.

I do have one project that I can share with you. It is the first pillow case skirt that I’ve ever made. Modeled by our 11-year-old daughter. She wanted something simple and classic. The pillow case was purchased for $0.25, the lace embellishment was approximately $0.10 worth (from a $0.75 bag), the thread I had on hand and the flower and draw string were made from excess material cut from the pillow case. The button was also something I had in my sewing box.

The grand total for this project $0.35



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