We are experiencing a unique period when, for the first time in history, people are no longer personally responsible for their food. What do I mean by this? With the development of industrialized food production the human species no longer depends on: hunting, fishing, foraging and farming to feed their families. No, now we find it an inconvenience to travel the five minutes to our local market and fill our shopping carts with mounds of processed food-like substances that are neither food nor nourishing. This is what we have allowed our food to become…food-like.

For those of us who elect to nourish our bodies with REAL FOOD there can be a bit of a challenge both economical and geographical. REAL FOOD can appear expensive and access to land in this industrialized times can be some what of a challenge…but not for those who think outside the box.

One of the first REAL FOOD rules is buy local and in season. The main reason being the farther distance between your food and your plate, the less nourishing it is. Another reason and frankly a big economical benefit, buying locally stimulates the local economy and encourages farmers/gardeners to continue in their quest. Contrary to rumor, buying your produce from the local farmers market is less expensive than the super stores. Less shipping costs, more nutrient-density.

If you are trying to stretch your food budget even farther, you can grow your own. No acreage required. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

How to Sprout Lettuce using Recycled Goods

Lettuce Boxes Daylight

Indoor Sprouting Boxes for Lettuce

Grow Lettuce Indoors w/ Hanging Baskets —> Honestly, convenient. No walking to the garden, no contending with local rabbits, no supermarket trips. Sweet!

Picture from Pinterest; Linked to Separate How To Site

Regrow Green Onions on your Windowsill —> We tried this, see pictures below. Works like a beaut. My only issue is that unlike hydroponic gardening systems (fish waste is blended with H2O for organic fertilizer) or plants grown in nurtrient-dense soils; these green onions are being nourished with water only. I have to a little digging. It may be as simple as adding trace minerals, but if bought organically from the store there is a chance of getting a few rounds before the nutrients plummet. The idea still has merit.

Day 1
Placed freshly cut green onions in mason jar w/ room temp. water

Day 2
Regrowth has occurred

Day 7
Ready for Harvesting

Re-sprout Store Bought Lettuce —> This is another experiment I saw on 17 Apart and had to try it. The concept was too simple. After cutting away the base of store-bought lettuce, place in saucer filled with warm water. Once the new sprout has been established replant in hanging basket, upcycled steel oats tin or whatever else you have on hand. Be sure to add compost to your soil mix for nutrient packed indoor lettuce!

Day 1
Freshly Cut Base Soaked in Warm Water

Day 7
New Sprouts Have Appeared

Utilize any vertical space (house, fence, out building) to grow a beautiful and elegant vertical garden. So cute.

Vertical Veggie Garden

Watch this video to learn more—> DIY Homemade Hydroponic Vertical Garden and Urban Farm in South Florida

DIY Hydroponic Garden

Okay. Our children have been bugging me for a pet snake, if we had one of these magnificent structures in our home, I just might allow it! Brilliant!


Looking for something ‘ready made’ for your indoor garden? Try the Aero Garden. Personally, I like the old-fashion and simple way of sunlight and upcycled containers, but to each their own. Happy Gardening!

Aero Garden


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