Tonight I had the pleasure of cleaning up after our family (myself included). We have been having tummy troubles this afternoon/evening. Which means that the bathroom had to be disinfected, laundry had to be done, sheets had to be changed. It can be very easy to have a negative outlook when life throws a wrench in your plans.

While I was disinfecting the bathroom it struck me that I should be thankful for the opportunity. Let me explain, we had a really busy week. Actually, we’ve been having an insanely crazy schedule with four kiddos in soccer, MAP testing (which means commuting back and forth to the school we open-enroll through) and an endless list of other ‘to do’s”. Needless to say, my cleaning schedule is the first to take the hit when things get crazy. My usual defense-mode is to keep up on:laundry, dishes and sweeping. The rest goes to the way side. The bathroom was no exception. It was not properly cleaned on Friday as scheduled and I had no intension of cleaning it today. No, in fact, I had an appointment with the couch. I was going to spend the evening vegging out with my family. Well, guess what, I was cleaning the bathroom. I could have easily grumbled and complained and been a poop about it. Sure, that would have been easy, right? Instead, I gave thanks for the opportunity to be a good steward to our home and our family.

The bathroom is squeaky clean. The bed-sheets have been changed. The laundry is well on its way to being caught up (which is awesome considering we added about 10 loads to it since lunch). Sure, I was going to spend the evening being lazy. Afterall, I earned it, right? I’ve worked hard this week. Spent four hours in the cold, wind and rain this morning for soccer. I should get the night off. Well…that is one way of looking at it. I choose to look at it like this: I’ve caught up on some much-needed cleaning. I’m now ahead of schedule for next week because the bed-sheets have been changed. The laundry is also ahead of schedule due to the fact that all the bed-sheets are being washed this weekend instead of throughout the week.

I have a feeling that I will have the opportunity to do a lot more cleaning before the weekend is through…and you know what, I don’t mind. We have another busy week starting tomorrow. I now have the opportunity to attend to things that I otherwise might not have gotten to. I am blessed.


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