Sometimes, we get busy. Sometimes, we get REALLY, REALLY busy. Sometimes, when you are REALLY, REALLY busy, it is easy to rush through life. We become these robots, just going through the motions. Sometimes it is easy to become robots on the home front. As mothers, this can be dangerous. People, important tasks, important things can be easy overlooked if you are not careful in monitoring yourself.

Today could have easily been one of those days. You see, we are busy people, like so many of you. We have five children to educate and care for. Life gets crazy. One of the tasks that I have been trying to do for…years, is sort through several totes that are in our sitting room. They have been, well, sitting there, waiting for me to tend to them. Today I decided to sort through one of those totes. I had no idea the contents, I had long since forgotten. If I had rushed, if I had let myself be busy, I would have thrown away some very valuable items without knowledge. Instead, I didn’t rush. I was careful to look at every scrap of paper, every misplaced trinket. Sometimes our patience, hard work and dedication is rewarding.

Today I found: a lost mothers ring, my husbands lost engraved money clip, a stack of baby pictures (of me) and a box set of Muppets DVDs. All of these things had been “lost” for years. I have been looking for those darn Muppets DVDs for 7 years or more. If I had rushed. If I had allowed my ‘busy’ to get in the way of the task. All of those items would have been thrown in the garbage, never to be seen again. Lost. Unacknowledged.

Take care in the details. You never know what might get “lost” if you let your “busy” take control.


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