This morning I had a decision to make. Keep our dermatologist appointment or cancel and be charged anyway. I decided that I would go ahead and take our daughter to show the dermatologist what amazing progress we had made treating her warts at home using tea tree oil. My daughter was excited to show her doctor that it was not necessary to burn her skin with cryotherapy. She was excited that she would no longer have to go through painful treatments that had failed to work. She was excited that our year long back-and-forth journey to the doctor was over. I packed up the kiddos and trekked over the office optimistic but knowing full well what the reaction would most likely be.

We were checked in by the nurse and given the usual run down of questions. I showed her the areas where the warts had been and a description of how big they were. Then I proceeded to tell her that we had been treating them with tea tree oil at home. She made several notes and left the room. We were left waiting for some time before the dermatologist and a 4-year med student walked in.

The doctor went about the appointment as usual. She checked the areas that had perviously had warts. I commented that we had been treating them at home with tea tree oil. There was a pause, glances exchanged between doctor and medical student…then this reply came, “we were actually just looking up tea tree oil and we couldn’t find any application for its use on warts.” Resistance with a smile. I knew at that moment that there would be no open conversation, no exploration about how this could be tested or used in their practice. No, no instead the doctor immediately re-examined our daughter and declared that there were a few areas that she could still feel growth and that we should treat them with another round of cryotherapy. I declined. She informed me that without ‘treatment’ that they would regrow and that I would be “causing my daughter more pain because it would take several more treatments to cure something that was almost gone.” I declined. She then asked if we were wanting treatment for another other skin conditions, directing her glance towards our pre-teens hormone-filled pimples. I declined. We were then rushed out the door. End of appointment.

Once we had left the building and climbed into the truck our daughter turns to me with a look of bewilderment and asks, “what just happened?!?” I then tried to explain why the doctor had reacted the way she did. Our daughter thought about it for a moment and replied, “But that doesn’t make sense Mom, tea tree oil does work, she saw the warts were gone. Why would she say that?” I agreed that it didn’t make sense and asked her if she remembered reading all of the articles about how you can treat warts naturally using things like tea tree oil, dandelions and fig leaves. “Yeah Mom, I remember…so why did they say they couldn’t find any proof that it worked?!?” For that I didn’t have an answer. “I don’t know sweetheart, I don’t know.” For all of you who have been met in the face of resistance. For those of you who have been told by a doctor that they didn’t know how to care for their own child, that their child was not “a science experiment”, that they (as parents) didn’t have the right to treat their child at home. You all know how I felt at that moment. What amount of that is appropriate to share with our 11-year-old child? That I do not know. She learned a valuable lesson today, that is for sure.

As I sit her typing this post, she asked me if I could get in trouble for writing about our appointment. I asked her why she thought that, she replied that she didn’t know if you could get in trouble for telling people what the doctor said. I told her my truth. That I believe in the freedom of speech and the freedom to parent in the best interest of our children. That we have a right to make decisions about how we care for/medicate and treat our children and that we do NOT have to follow the doctors recommendations. That we have the right to share our experience, that I am presenting OUR side of the story. That the doctor is entitled to think and believe whatever they wish, as we have the same right. That it is ok to disagree. I’m not sure if she believes me or not. In this day in age, I’m not 100% sure that it is true…but it is my truth. What I believe. If we don’t stand up for what we believe, what do we have left?

In case any of you are interested in reading more about herbal treatment for warts, here are a few treatment options and articles for you to wrap your brains around.


1 drop tea tree, lemon, cloe, thuja, or thyme essential oil
1 drop almond or olive oil (carrier oil)
1 strip bandage

Soak wart in warm water for 15 minutes. Towel off excess water. In small dish, mix carrier oil with essential oil. Apply oil mixture to wart and cover with bandage. Reapply every 24 hours. Avoid placing near eyes or sensitive skin areas.


Freshly cut dandelion stalks or fig leaves

Apply the milky sap from the dandelion stalk or fig leaf to wart and cover with bandage. Repeat twice daily for two weeks or until wart pulls away from skin. Avoid placing near eyes or sensitive skin areas.








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