I was able to multitask and write this test for our Nutrition class tonight while sitting at our daughter archery discipline class. I thought it might be fun to also place it on our blog as a quiz. Anyone who wishes to submit the answers to House of Kirk via email will be entered in the running for a fantastical prize of merriment and wonder…Real Food Nutrition & Health by Food Renegades’ Kristen Michaelis ( The only rule is you HAVE to answer the questions without the help of google or any other cheats. Our fifth grader will be taking this very test. She can’t wait to kick everyone’s butts! (He he)




Nutrition: Chapter Four
Healthy Meats, Seafood & Dairy

1)      What macro-nutrient is protein made up of?

a)      Potassium

b)      Amino-acids

c)      Calcium

d)     All of the above


2)      What parts of your body contain protein?

a)      Muscles, skin and bone

b)      Blood vessels, organs and skin

c)      Hair, nails and hormones

d)     All of the above


3)      Can your body store protein like it does fat?


4)      Which of the following are examples of complete proteins?

a)      Fish

b)      Eggs

c)      Kefir

d)     All of the above


5)      Which of the following are examples of incomplete proteins?

a)      Cheese

b)      Poultry

c)      Legumes

d)     All of the above


6)      Essential amino acids are amino acids in which:

a)      Must be man-made

b)      Your body can synthesize (produce)

c)      Your body cannot synthesize (produce)

d)     None of the above


7)      Protein deficiency can cause which of the following?

a)      Wasting body tissue

b)      Diminished immune response

c)      Impaired growth in children

d)     All of the above


8)      What is the recommended amount of protein an active person should consume?

a)      .8 grams per 1 kg

b)      1.3 grams per 1 kg

c)      2.2 grams per 1 kg

d)     None of the above


9)      Calculate your weight in Kilograms using the following formula:

POUNDS/2.2 =

Answer: _________________________


10)   Calculate how much protein you should consume daily based on your answer from question 8.

Answer: __________________________


11)   Why are CAFOs harmful?

a)      Air pollution

b)      Water pollution

c)      Respiratory illness (workers)

d)     All of the above


12)   About how much U.S. antibiotics go to treating CAFO animals?

a)      70%

b)      25%

c)      5%

d)     None of the above


13)   Are grain-based diets healthy for cows?


14)   Which of the following are found in a typical CAFO cow’s diet (food)?

a)      Chicken manure

b)      Dead animal parts

c)      Candy factory waste

d)     All of the above


15)   Typical Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids in CAFO beef is 21:1. What is the typical ratio for grass-fed beef?

a)      3:1

b)      1:1

c)      15:1

d)     Both A & B


16)   What is the limit of Omega-6 to Omega-3 that we should consume?

a)      4:1

b)      10:1

c)      1:1

d)     None of the above


17)   Which animal would most likely have the healthiest Omega-6 to Omega-3 content?

a)      Grain-fed beef

b)      Grass-fed beef

c)      Deer

d)     None of the above


18)   Which of the following is the most nutrient-dense seafood?

a)      Shellfish

b)      Mollusks

c)      Salmon

d)     None of the above


19)   When choosing eggs, what is the only label that guarantees that optimal nutrition has been achieved?

a)      Pastured

b)      Free-range

c)      Organic

d)     All of the above


20)   What is the healthiest kind of milk?

a)      Pasteurized

b)      Homogenized

c)      Raw

d)     None of the above


Extra Credit (2 pts.)
Using the internet: map out the nearest farms (to you) that provide pastured beef, hens, and eggs.


Extra Credit (2 pts.)
Go to and look up their pocket guide for buying sea food. Which companies provide the best options for nutrient-dense seafood?


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