Our oldest daughter has VERY sensitive skin. In fact, she was the inspiration of our push into ‘green’ living. It made the ‘wouldn’t it be nice if we…’ into the ‘it’s either this or a lifetime of meds.’

We have used several different DIY shampoo recipes and have used the ‘no poo’ method of baking soda for some time as well. I actually find it entertaining to experiment with the different herbs and extract combinations. I think of it as a spa like experience with ‘one of a kind shampoos tailored to each person.’

Without additonal rambling from yours truly, here is the latest version.



  • 1 bunch fresh parsley
  • 3 tea bags organic green tea
  • Melaleuca Oil
  • 1 TBSP. Safflower Oil
  • 2 TBSP. Dr. Bronners Hemp Castile Soap
  • Distilled Water

Bring to boil 4C. distilled water, remove from heat. Place fresh parsley and tea bags into water and let steep for one hour. Gently stir for one minute to help release tea. Remove parsley and tea bags or strain into sterile glass jar. Add 20-50 drops Melaleuca Oil, shake well. Add Safflower Oil and Dr. Bronners Hemp Castile Soap, gently shake (try not to make bubbles). Stores for up to 2 months.

Use: In shower, shake gently before opening jar. Take a small cup and pour desired amount (about 1/8 C.) into cup. Pour over hair and work into scalp, let sit one minute. Rinse as usual. Can follow with Apple Cider Vinegar for conditioner rinse. For added volume, exchange vinegar for beer. Rise as usual.


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