I apologize in advance if you spend the rest of your day with The Bangles playing in your head. It couldn’t be helped.

Yesterday was certainly a NON-STOP adventure. Our Mondays are becoming very eventful. A random thought struck me last night as I was getting into the truck for the hundredth time. I found it to be very profound. It’s a real doozy, are you ready? Okay, here it is: The idea that homeschool families don’t ‘do’ anything is like saying stay-at-home moms don’t ‘do’ anything. I mean, when you really think about it, it’s kind of like saying Santa Claus isn’t a REALLY busy guy. Anyone who thinks any of the above is obviously misinformed. Period.

So here is just a little snippet of what our week looks like. I’m sure I’ve left out a lot, it just so happens that I really don’t have time to take notes. Sorry.

6AM – Get kids up.

6:30AM – Re-wake kids who aren’t up.

7AM – Check homework and backpacks for PS kids.

7:30AM – Breakfast, brush hair, check clothing choices.

7:45AM – Take PS kids to school

7:50AM – Battle parking lots in order to run errands for husband, remind yourself to never again run errands for husband during school rush.

8AM – Return home, deliver fetched goods to husband. Double-check to make sure everyone has gotten dressed, brushed their teeth and combed their hair. Clear dinning room table. Tidy up kitchen. Think about lunch and dinner prep. Start homeschool lesson. Find something to entertain two-year old. Check on husband. Do tidy rounds: pick up dirty laundry, straighten/make beds, put away clothes, pick up toys, grumble about garbage on the floor, make mental notes on cleaning needing to be done.

8:15AM – Pull out totes from boys closet and check contents. Eliminate un-needed items and rearrange closet. Debate going down to basement to search for proper fitting pants for 5-year-old. Get called downstairs for help. Help with school work and recheck on two-year old.

8:30AM – Blog. Play a game of Looney Tunes Pop n Go with 5-year-old (sneak in German lesson by counting in German). Discuss mental math with 5-year-old. Quiz him during game.

9:30AM – Teach homeschool class.

10:30AM – Start lunch. Try to remember where phone number is for Homeschool 4H leader.

11Am – Lunch

11:30Am – Clean up lunch. Do dishes. Prep supper. Do laundry. Supervise showers. Scramble for lost phone number. Check classwork. Entertain two-year old. Put away laundry. Clean out wallet. ***Where is that phone number!?!*** Ask husband if he has seen said phone number. Ask daughter if she has seen said phone number. Pick up toys. Pick up blankets. Discuss Lego mechanics with 5-year-old. Sort through pile of papers, recycle.

Noon – Laundry. Cleaning. Perp for 4H meeting. Prep for supervising teacher meeting. Check calendar.

12:30PM – Call 4H leader. Call Homeschool 4H leader. Discover 4H meeting is at members house right around the block. Exclaim “Wow, all this time we had a homeschool family right around the corner and we never knew it!” High five daughter. Realize that I have 15 minutes to shower and get out the door. Run upstairs. Shower. Dress. Comb hair. Bruch teeth. Realize we have three minutes to get there. Run down stairs. Go over ‘to do’ list with husband. Kiss everyone and run out the door.

1PM – Attend Homeschool 4H group. Have a lesson on baking cookies. Bake cookies. Decorate cookies. Rush out the door to pick up PS kids.

3PM – Pick up PS kids. Ask discuss how their day way. Run errands. Come home. Ask PS kids who has homework. Afternoon snack. Cook chicken for stir-fry dinner. Finish prep for Supervising Teacher meeting. Consider where to have ST meeting since the Library is closed for Presidents Day. Do dishes. Help with homework. Listen to PS kids read. Laundry. Tidy up house. Play with toddler. Play with 5-year-old. Help 11-year-old get ready to go.

5PM – Rush out the door to get to the Library. Make mental note to put ST cell number in phone so I can text her. Make mental note that I really should have done that already. Scold myself. Drive to Library to meet with ST. Discuss new meeting place. Travel to Coffee Shop. Order two hot chocolates. Discuss Pirates. Discuss homeschool lessons. Discuss daughters Kindle Fire. Discuss math. Encourage daughter with the thought that you can learn anything, you simply need to figure out the ‘trick’ that works for you. Discuss possible ways to encourage Math enjoyment with ST. Realize they are closing coffee shop. Schedule next meeting. Depart. Return Home.

6:30PM – Finish making dinner. Serve dinner. Eat dinner. Clear table. Start doing dishes. Realize that you are now late for 4H Photography club. Rush out the door. Drop off daughter. Discuss other 4H meetings with another 4H parent. Run errands. Return home. Get toddler in pjs and ready for bed. Change sheets on toddlers bed. Get 5-year-old in pjs and ready for bed. Discuss next days activities with 5-year-old. Brush teeth. Rush out the door to pick up daughter.

8PM – Pick up daughter. Discuss photography with Photography Professor (club leader). Discuss broken camera. Purchase photography workbook. Discuss photography workbook. Depart. Return Home.

8:30PM – Discuss photography club with daughter. Do dishes. Tidy up. Sit down to watch last 15 minutes of Myth Busters with husband which is continuously interrupted by daughters excitement over photography workbook.

9PM – Give up on watching show and go to bed. Tuck toddler into bed. Kiss older children goodnight. Go back downstairs to shut off lights and fans. Check front door. Return upstairs. Discuss tomorrows activities with 11-year-old. Consider waking up early for yoga and meditation. Decide on the “we’ll see what happens approach.” Realize that I didn’t do any ‘heavy duty’ scheduled cleaning. Make mental note to do that tomorrow. Crawl into bed. Pass out.





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