Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m the sole witness of the debacle of man kind. I’ve been consumed with the overwhelming numbers of family and loved ones (including myself) who are struggling with illness. Sickness and death is everywhere. It has become almost too much to bear to simply check Facebook. Most days I struggle with the overall energy of Facebook. This morning for example, as I was reading the latest update concerning the health of a friends’ husband, it was all I could do not to start blubbering in front of my children. My friend was talking about her husband’s health and the foods the hospital was giving him. His sodium levels have been very low, so instead of water or say chicken broth…the give him…ROOT BEER!!! My body wanted to spring from my seat, grab every nutrition book sitting in our library and get in the car and drive. I wanted to drive to that hospital, march into his hospital room and shove the books in the doctors face. HE NEEDS NUTRIENTS! HE’S STARVING! That’s probably what I would have yelled as I marched out of the room. Now, I know that wouldn’t help my friend at all and most likely would only result in a trip to the local county jail…but my contempt remains the same.

Overwhelmed, consumed, convicted…I have been feeding my thirst for knowledge with every book, documentary and research paper that I can get my hands on. I’m sure my husband thinks I’ve gone mad. There has most certainly been a proverbial fire lit under my bum and I do not intend cannot turn away from it. I have been called.

I have yet to figure out how this will fit into our lives. My number one calling has been and will always be in service to my husband and children. This is a full-time, life-long job. However, I have always felt, even from a young child that I was meant to have a path in medicine. It is become quite clear that my path does not include Western medicine. An M.D. I shall never be. I cannot, I don’t believe in it. After years of tooling around in different jobs, it became innately clear to me that there is no joy to be held from performing a job that does not fill you with joy and purpose. It has also become abundantly clear through my life journey that I was not meant to fall into society’s sardine can. That is just not me.

The field of Nutrition has always held a special place in my heart. I have traveled many roads with Nutritionalism. I have battled with myself over the concept that poor people cannot afford to eat well. I have been in the position in my life where $30 had to cover the cost of a weeks groceries and diapers for two small children. It had been drilled into my head that there was no room for health food on a meek budget. In the years since, I have struggled with the momentous tasks of trying to wade through the mountains of processed and highly refined foods. Fighting with myself to discover the truth amoungst the endless ideologies and cultures formed around Nutrition. Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw, Traditional…the list is endless. At first I thought it was my duty to figure out which ONE was the right path. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that there cannot be one path, because everyone travels their own. It was my job to decide which path illuminated all the things that I held to be true for myself. I could not follow someone elses path. It had to be my own.

That path was presented to me during my search on reversing illness. I was tired of watching my family suffer with illnesses. I was tired of watching, helplessly, as my sister ran in circles to manage her daughters diabetes. I was tired of being sick myself. I was tired of trailing down and endless path of doctors and specialists. I was tired of being told there wasn’t anything wrong with me. That I had XYZ diagnosis, only to be changed by the next doctor I was sent to. I was tired of being handed poison in the form of a pill bottle. I wanted to feel alive, I wanted to be able to enjoy my life, to enjoy work, to enjoy playing with our children. I wanted to be able to get out of bed in the morning without wishing the pain away. I’d had enough.

The answer came to me in the form of a documentary, several actually. You see we have Nutrition twice a week for homeschool classes and I had chosen several documentaries for our family to watch. It has been incredible to watch the world through the eyes of our children. To be able to hear the world through their hearts. That is really something for another day, but it has been a privilege and an honor to be the mother of these five beautiful creations. The world is much sweeter and full of simplicity through their eyes…

Orthomolecular Nutrition, brought about by two-time Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling, is the practice of preventing, arresting and reversing disease by providing the body with optimal nutrients that are natural to the body. In other words, healing the body through food. This is my life quest, my calling, my duty even. It has been placed in my heart and I am excited to embrace it. I haven’t figured out how or when, but it is certain that this is the path for me. I’ll be meeting with a college adviser later this week to find out how close I am to completing a BS in Nutrition Science. I plan on receiving a doctorate in Orthomolecular Nutrition.

So what does this mean for my first three jobs: 1) Wife 2) Mother 3) Melaleuca – nothing. These will remain the same. I have always known that Melaleuca was given to me as a means to provide for our family. I will continue to build my business and clients. I believe Melaleuca will enable our family to accomplish our laundry list of goals without the confines of a “traditional” job.

For the first time in a long time, I see the silver lining in all of my health issues. I see my purpose. I want to save lives, with food.


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