Here are just a few jewels of wisdom from our children. Happy Valentines Day from our family to yours ❤

“Uh, Mom, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is, the clothes in the washer will be clean. The bad news is, the glass on the washer door is broken.” ~ Our 5-year-old son (He was right on both accounts)

“Mom! LOOK! (pointing to her dictionary) It’s like having a mini Google at my fingertips! ~ Our 11-year-old daughter

While reading a book about penguins, I felt the urge to make up a nonsense songs about penguins (and started singing). Our 5-year-old son holds up his hand and says, “Uh, not the time!”

Later this afternoon our 11-year-old daughter was taking a math quiz. She needed a little encouragement so I flicked her hair and said, “You’re beautiful, you’re perfect, you’re amazing, you’re a ROCK STAR!” She stretches her arms out to me and says, “Am I in heaven? Because I think I see an angel.”

“Mom? Are these the black beans for your black bean brownies?” “Yes.” “Well, where is your cookbook. Everyone has a great big cookbook where they keep their recipes.” “This recipe is on the computer, I got it off the internet.” “Ugh! Mom! Why don’t you buy the book?” “Because I’m too cheap, I’d rather look them up on the computer.” (Rolling his eyes) Moooom…just buy the book.” ~ Conversation between myself and our 5-year-old son


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