I had no idea what to write about this morning…until

Our two-year-old crawled into bed with me and snuggled deep under the covers. He sweetly repeated “Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama” until we were touching noses. He patted me sweetly on the cheek with one hand and sucked his thumb on the other hand. Then I taught him to say, “I Love You”, “I Love Mama”, “I Love Daddy” and “I Love Sissy” (we are still working on brother). Then I smiled and loved him more than I did the day before.

After that our 5-year-old son came into the room and told me “Good morning Mama”. Then I gave him a kiss and realized I loved  him more than I did yesterday. I love how he walked into the room with his gorgeous long hair, big brown eyes and a smile that could light up the world. I love the fact that he is always talking. Spending the whole day telling me about trains, or video games, or the dream he had the night before. He has curiosity that is never-ending. I hope that never dies.

I dragged myself out of bed and saw that our 9-year-old son was up and getting dressed without being told. I smiled because I was impressed with his demonstration of responsibility and the respect he had for others who might still be sleeping. I love him more today than I did last night. He is one of the sweetest and most helpful kid you will ever meet. He is amazing.

Then I wandered into the girls room and our 2-year-old shrieked with delight. “Sissy!!!” He loves his big sissy, they are best friends. I smiled because that is perhaps one of the sweetest things in the world, having a big sister for a best friend. Then I smiled because her face lit up at the sight of her toddler brother. They love each other. I love them. She is wise beyond her 11 years. She is brilliant in mind, soul and spirit. I love her more today than I did last night. She was mad a me for making her go to bed before her bedtime. I’m pretty sure she still loves me today, her smile told me so.

While our toddler and eldest played and said good morning I bent down to wake our 6-year-old. I smiled because her bed is equivalent to a museum of her favorite things. She has surrounded herself with all of her treasures. There are boxes neatly stacked and organized. Books, toys, shoes…I’m sure there is candy hidden as well, but I won’t look. She always has several days worth of clothes neatly folded and stacked at the bottom of her bed. Everything has an order and a purpose. I smiled because I know that her perfectionism will serve her well in life. I smiled because her drive and personality will take her as far as she wants to go…if she gets out of bed on time. That girl loves to sleep! She use to be the girl who was wide awake at 4:30AM and would become irritated that the rest of the world wasn’t on her schedule. Now she requires an hour or more of gentle shakes and reminders that she has to get up for school. Once she is up, look out world, she has things to do! I smiled because I love her more today than I did yesterday. She is a precious gem.

I love how my husband crawls into bed to tell me it is time to get up. I love how he knows that it will take me another hour to force myself out of bed (on most days). I love how he has the patience (most days) to allow me this time. I love how he will send in our toddler to ‘wake me up’ when he thinks I need to hurry. I love the days that start like that. No rushing, no yelling, no complaining. It is mornings like this that make me love my husband more than I did the day before. Even though he doesn’t say it, his actions tell me –  its okay that you need more time to get up, I understand that your back hurts and that it is difficult for you to get out of bed, I respect that. Here, let me send love by ushering in our son to snuggle up to you and put a smile on your face.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I am guessing that any wife/mother/woman would love to wake up to a fancy breakfast in bed and perhaps a box full of diamonds. What girl wouldn’t love that? I’d like to wake up to another morning like today. Full of love…that I’ll take any day. Although, I won’t complain about diamonds…or a steam-mop, vacuum, new bath towels, food processor, professional juicer, exercise ball, back massage, any other form of jewelry, shopping without children, having someone else clean the house, do the dishes and make dinner…or a nap. I’d love a nap…


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