March for Babies 2012 is just around the corner. According to our ticker, it is 72 days away!

Last year we had the honor of walking with a friend and their Team Ava Grace. We braved the COLD, COLD weather and walked to honor all of those that we know who have lost a child or watched their child fight for their life, either in the NICU or on a daily basis. Our family has much experience with this. My sister has lost two sons to premature birth, born at 21 and 22 weeks. She is blessed to have with her two other sons, one of which was also born premature at 25 weeks and fought heart and lung complications. Their youngest son was born full term and healthy but suffered a massive brain bleed at one month of age. He continues his fight on a daily basis. We are blessed to have them with us and are blessed that they have had access to the medical and therapeutic aids that have both saved their lives and made their progress possible.

This year our daughter has started her own team, Team Wichozanni. The name is Lakota and means to “live in health”.  How poetic, to walk in honor of all of those who fight to “live in health”. We hope that you will either join her team and walk with us on April 21, 2012 at Kennedy Park, Fort Dodge or make a donation to help babies in Central Iowa. Last year Central Iowa raised over $53,000 and I’m awaiting late April when I can open the email informing us that last years numbers have been surpassed.

Click HERE to go to Team Wichozanni’s page and sign up or donate today! We hope to see you there.


House of Kirk


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