Hi this is “Star”. Today’s daily bible verse is:”Beloved,I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health,even as thy soul prospereth -3 John 1:2. That reminds me of the movie I watched today Turtle:The Incredible Journey. All I wished for that tiny little baby turtle that She would be safe and would not die like her brothers and sisters that died (poor babies…..:(…..) SHE SURVIVED! Very sad,happy, and exciting movie! Today I am in Decorah with my family and seeing a family member. Anyway also today in history 1795, 11th amendment to u.s. constitution ratified affirms power of states. Word of the day- transcontinental, meaning across an entire continent. Where in the U.S.A.? The Ogallala Sioux Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in southwestern South Dakota is larger in area than the states of Delaware and Rhode Island combined. Where in the world? On the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula you find the city-state of Singapore. It is  of the most densely populated countries on earth,with over 4 million people living in 267 square miles. Today I read Adam of the Road, which is a book I would call a classic. Well I have to finish because I need to have PIZZA! Bye!:)


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