Book Review by “Star”

Tale Of Two Cities is an inspiring book about a family who almost looses one person they have become to love so. That one person becomes a husband to Lucie ( Dr. Alexandre Manette’s daughter) and a father to little Lucie. His name was Charles Darney. Lucie had gone to a trial with her father and during trial the layer said, “Lord look at the prisoner, and look at me. Are we not twins? Perhaps I should be charged with treason too.” Everybody laughed, they did have a resemblance! Later Lucie and her Dad invited Charles and Sidney (the lawyer) to tea in their enchanted garden. Sidney could see during tea Lucie loved Charles, but after tea Sidney said to Lucie, “I’d do anything for you to be happy.” A while after that Charles proposed to Lucie Manette and then Lucie Manette became Lucie Darney. A while after that Charles went back to France to help a servent….but instead he gets thrown in prison and sentenced to death. Sidney comes to the rescue and changes clothes with Charles, then makes Charles write a letter to Lucie and said, “If the wrong person finds it they will think you wrote it to your wife before you got beheaded.” The letter said, “Remember our conversation long ago. I give my life to make you happy.” Before Sidney got beheaded a young lady who was beheaded before him noticed he was not Charles and said, “You are so brave, may I hold your hand?” They held hands till it was the young girl’s turn to be beheaded. When it was Sidney’s turn he murmured to his self, “I know someday Lucie will have a baby boy named after me and that Sidney will not screw everything up like I did, I just know it.” That brave Sidney put his head down on the guillotine and seconds later Sidney’s head was off his body…….and a little bit after that baby Sidney was born with a father and not fatherless if Sidney had not been as brave as he was, and thanks to him that family did not lose Charles…..but they did loose the bravest friend they ever had…….Sidney.

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Dear Reader,

I hope you enjoyed my book review of A Tale of Two Cities an Usborne Young Reading book based on the novel by Charles Dickens. I would recommend this book to everybody, I read it by myself….but it would be a great bedtime story for families who read together. (I probably would know I have 4 siblings!) I “Star” am homeschooled and in 5th grade. I did this report for my mom and for homework (I love being homeschooled, COOL HOMEWORK!) Things I love doing: reading, writing, art, swimming, baseball, football, soccer, bowling, and camping. I am a girl and I am 11 years old. My favorite movies are Braveheart, Labyrinth, and The Dark Crystal. I also really love animals! I will be posting once a week about something I have learned and I hope you like every single post!:)



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