Today it is cold. The roads are dangerous. We are not going anywhere. Today, is the perfect day to teach the children about dryer maintenance. Mostly because it was on my to-do list for today, but it will also serves as an important bonding & learning experience for the children.

Our dryer is a stackable front-loading model, but for all intensive purposes this video will include most everything that I do when performing dryer maintenance. Due to our family size, ergo the massive amounts of laundry that circulate through our washer and dryer, maintenance is done every three months. Below is what I like to do and also a link to a very helpful DIY video.

1) Remove lint tray and wash with hot soapy water, allow to air dry. (Tiny amounts of link deposits on this trap and form a barrier over time. Even with proper cleaning (with every load) the lint tray becomes clogged. To test this run water over the tray, if it holds water, you will be able to ‘see’ the film barrier.)

2) Unscrew the inside cover to the lint tray. Our is connected by wires and cannot be completely removed, but allows more room to work and makes it easier to clean. Take a pipe cleaner or likewise and clean each and EVERY opening. Wipe down the entire surface with a damp cloth. Replace cover and tighten screws.

3) Using a wire bush tool (or hand, dust rag or vacuum) remove all the collected lint from the bottom compartment. NOTE: In the video the dryer has this compartment on the back. Our is located on the bottom front of the machine.

4) Using a damp cloth wipe down the entire inside of the machine, paying close attention to the screws and other crevices which lint and film collect. If needed use a tool such as a wooden sqewer to access small areas.

5) Replace lint tray and close door.

6) Move washer/dryer away from wall and unscrew the pressure clap from the discharge line and disconnect from dryer. Clean out the pipe (demonstrated in video). Clean out discharge line (demonstrated in video). Brush and vacuum all surfaces. If you do not have a vacuum, do your best to dust the surfaces and remove all lint. Replace the discharge line.

7) This is a good time to dust/wash the walls and floors that are normally covered by the washer/dryer. Move washer/dryer back into place.

8) Take a moment to run the dryer and make sure the barrel is spinning properly. Go outside and check to make sure the vent is working properly (demonstrated in video).

Watch DIY video HERE



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