Blank Park Zoo Wish List

During Finance class Wednesday, our eldest daughter sat down an wrote out a list of charities that she was going to personally donate to this year. The Samaritans Purse and The Blank Park Zoo were at the top of her list. Inside a member newsletter from the Blank Park Zoo they had mentioned several items that were needed for the zoo, specifically for educational classes put on by the zoo. This peeked our daughters interest so she emailed the head of development and inquired as to if there were specific amounts and brands of said items needed. Tonight (or rather last night as it is now Thursday morning) she received a response. It was suggested that we look at the Zoo’s wish list on and that we did. It was truly heart warming to watch our child scroll through the list of items with the enthusiasm of a child opening their presents on Christmas morning. She truly has a servant’s heart. We enjoyed the fact that every item had listed a sort description of what its purpose was for and how many items they needed. It also listed how many of each item had already been received, much list any other registry. We thought we would pass along the wish list link to everyone so that your family can share in the excitement of (possibly) buying presents for the animals we all love and adore. What a fun way to encourage giving in our children! I’m got my eye on some toys for the macaws. I think we are going to donate some salt blocks for the giraffes as well. I know our daughter was excited to see all the fun toys that she could donate to the monkeys and ferrets.



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