This weekend we took our entire family roller skating for the first time. My husband was admittedly, less than thrilled about the idea of having our almost 2-year-old on skates. I was surprisingly confident that he would do splendidly. I’m not sure what is it about Motherhood, but in my case, the more children I have, the less I worry. I would have never…ever…EVER…have suggested to take an almost 2-year-old roller skating 11 years ago. I would like to think my growing confidence is due to the fact that our children continue to be my greatest teachers. Each day they amaze and inspire me. I want to be like them when I grow up.

We dropped our 6-year-old off at the skating rink around 2PM for a birthday party and then took the rest of the family for a drive. This was due to the fact that our almost 2-year-old and 5-year-old were in dire need of a nap. We then returned and ushered the remaining four children into the building and picked out our skates.

Everyone took to the floor and I did a few walking laps with our littlest one. He was on cloud nine and took to the concept immediately. Within a half an hour he was able to skate with my husband or myself and keep up with the pack. He held up his arm several times to signify that he was Superman, flying faster than a speeding bullet. As a mother I was in total awe of what this tiny person could accomplish. Children are such extraordinary creatures. Everyone in our family had a splendid time. We had a few falls, a few new bruises but an entire afternoon of family memories.


What are some of your favorite family memories? 


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