Well the last few days have been interesting. We brought our van home Friday night at 5PM and it was running GREAT! Then at 9AM the very next day my husband left to run a two-minute errand. Less than a mile from our house (remember that statistic) he was hit twice by a lady who failed to stop at a stop sign. I am currently waiting for our mechanic to come assess the damage. It is currently undrivable.

So yesterday my Dad was kind enough to loan us his car, again, for I think the hundredth time this year. It will come in very handy for driving around town. It will also come in very hand for making the four-hour round trip to the dentist tomorrow. Our two-year-old son either slid into or fell off of the boys’ metal bunk bed and busted his front top tooth.

I’m pretty sure my heart has been properly exercised this weekend and seeing how I haven’t been forced into heart failure yet, I think it can be considered a good thing. However, my stress level is about to top the charts. Therefore, I’m going to take a much-needed break from blogging and Facebook. For those of you who need to reach me, you can still call, text or email. I’ll see you all back here next Monday.

Enjoy your week, kiss your loved ones and count your blessings. I’m going to continue searching (waiting) for my rainbow to appear, cause baby, it’s been pouring  for a while now.

~ Danielle


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