And the winner is…

Pocketful of Rosies giveaway

November Giveaway

The Bunda Family, congratulations!

I’m excited for the Bunda family but sad to announce they were the ONLY family to submit book logs this month. They submitted 63 books read during the month of November, bringing their total to 139 thus far. Remember that the year-end winner will be selected based on the total number of books read per family. The monthly giveaways are meant to be selected at random, however, as I mentioned the Bunda family was the ONLY submissions for the month, therefore win by default. Please email House of Kirk by 10 December 2011 to claim your prize.

The December winner will receive a copy of A Natural Noel by Michele Augur.  Michele is also the author of Herbal Nurturing: A Family Healing & Learning Guide. Michele has graciously offered a 25% discount for anyone who wishes to purchase either of her books, which you can find on her website: Enter the code: HARVEST25 to receive your discount during checkout.

To qualify for the December giveaway you must:

1) Submit your reading log for the month of December by 05 January 2012. See rules for Harvest to Harvest Read Off!

2) Subscribe to Frugal Granola’s website: or Facebook page. Be sure to tell her House of Kirk sent you!

If you are looking for a few ideas, here are some books you might like to check out at your local library (recommended by our 10-year-old daughter):

Image from

She recommends the entire collection 🙂


Image from


Image from


She recommends these books because “they are a great family reading-time book and are full of adventure”.


Image from


If you can’t tell, she loves the “classics” as she calls them. I’m not sure they all fall into the classic book category, but that is her point of view and I respect that. You can purchase the entire collection of The Hardy Boys on for $325.00. That means you get 66 books for $4.93 each. Not to bad considering they are hard cover and most books cost $20 now-a-days.

She admires The Hardy Boys collection because “they are action packed mystery and that is what she is all about”… and  now we know.

What is your family currently reading?





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