We’ve had a house full of couch potatoes since returning from Thanksgiving. The stomach bug has been keeping all of our babies feeling yucky. It hasn’t been very friendly with me either, my husband has been the only one to escape its wrath thus far and for that I am thankful.

So when my babies look like this


and this



I feed them this



That is the simple soup we had for lunch yesterday. One head broccoli, one head cauliflower, one bag baby carrots and one large can of organic chicken broth. Simmered until tender and served with spelt crackers. You could also puree this if your little ones turn away at the first sight of veggies in their soup.

I really wish I had some bone marrow broth on hand. I really need to stock up our freezer. It’s been a crazy year. How did it become December already?!?!


What do you feed your family when they are ill?


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