Last night as I was introduced to a dream. A dream that looks like this

The One-7

Photo Credit: Sarah Hensley

The One-7

Photo Credit: Sarah Hensley

The One-7

Photo Credit: Sarah Hensley

The One-7

Photo Credit: Sarah Hensley

May I introduce you to the One-7. This stunning watch is hand crafted by a fellow Alumnus (Go Trojans!) Nathan Hensley. Nathan is a 33 year-old father of four and husband of nine years. He is currently a second year resident foot and ankle surgeon based in Fort Dodge, Iowa. In addition to being a skilled surgeon, he is also a very handy tinker.

Some of you many not know, but my husband is some what of a watch fanatic. Each year I spend countless hours searching for a watch that fits his very precise requirements. I usually end up finding several breath-taking watches that we would NEVER be able to afford. Did I mention my husband has very expensive taste? The moment I saw this watch, I was in love. The craftsmanship, the detail, the beauty. This watch is certainly one that my husband would love to call his own. He might be lucky enough to find it under the tree one of these years.

I could note all the exquisite detail specifications, but I would rather refer you to the Hensley & Co. site, www.nlhensley.com. Nathan walks you through all the details of his first model, One-7, that pays tribute to the state of Iowa.

I emailed Nathan last night to inquire on the wait list. He currently has a wait list of 4 weeks, plus or minus one week. Each watch arrives in a handsomely engraved wooden box and is provided with a certificate of authenticity documenting the model number, serial number, date of completion of manufacture, and Nathan’s signature. The One-7 is backed with a one year warranty on the movement and metal portion of the case.

This watch is most certainly one that will become a treasured keepsake in your family. Please visit Hensley & Co, www.nlhensley.com for pricing and ordering information.

I’ll leave you with one more note about this beautiful family. Nathan’s wife, Sarah, happens to be a phenomenal photographer. You can get a glimpse of her work on the Hensley & Co. site as all the photos are taken by Sarah. If you happen to be in the area, you might want to look her up for your next family portrait.



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