Today I feel like compost…since the duties of a mother are never done and laying in bed all day is not a choice, I will be doing my Simple 7.  I think we will be replacing step #6 Play board games with putting up the Christmas Tree. Can you believe it is December the 1st already? I’m in denial. Here is a previous post that explain The Simple 7.
What do you do when your Mommy super-powers fail?


On days like these, it is easy to stay in bed all day, let the children ransack the house and make something frozen that comes in a box for dinner. However, I have found that if I force myself to complete simple everyday tasks that I not only feel better, but avoid the catastrophic aftermath.

Therefore I refer to The Simple 7. Seven tasks to complete because, well, there are seven of us. I associate my life around my family size. Doesn’t everyone? Below are my chosen tasks:

The Simple 7

  1. Laundry (we have a minimum 3 load/day rule)
  2. Dishes (at least one load/sink full)
  3. Pick up the messiest room
  4. Complete one task that would please my husband (honey do list)
  5. Read a book to the kids
  6. Play a board game with the kids
  7. Prepare a nutritious meal for dinner

Now, I know what you’re thinking, who in the world wants to play board games when their head feels like it is going to explode? Taking 15-30 minutes to spend quality time with your children makes a world of difference. You will find that if you take time to tend everyone’s needs, the house will be a more suitable environment for healing and recovery. It beats yelling at everyone to be quiet all day long, right? If the weather is nice, I would also suggest going outside for at least 15 minutes. Fresh air does the body good. If you are unable to rest during the day, a very common problem at any house with small children, try putting on some soothing classical music and sitting down with a good book. The music will clam everyone’s spirits and you will feed your own spirit and mind in the process.


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