This morning I started off my day listening to inspirational tapes and pumping myself up for a week of living life on purpose. I enjoy having the opportunity to drive my husband to work everyday. It provides us much-needed ‘quiet’ time to talk and just enjoy each others company. I also enjoy the drive home because I have 30-minutes of uninterrupted time to think or listen to books on tape. No phone calls. No “Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!” Just me time. This morning as I was listening to a Melaleuca tape I was simultaneously writing a presentation in my head. I was excited, I was pumped, I couldn’t wait to get home and put my thoughts down on paper…

Then, I came home and realized my day would consist of cleansing our house and dealing with a house full of kiddos that aren’t up to par. As I was cleaning my stomach started growing more and more, lets say non-compliant. Bummer. The day continued with fun things like our toddler running into the table and getting a smart-looking goose egg. Bummer. Our six-year-old had a mysterious tongue bleed that she was less than equipped to deal with at the moment. Bummer. Our five-year-old was in desperate need of a nap but refused to give into the fact. Bummer. The computer decided it wasn’t going to work and delayed school by two full hours. Bummer. No one could agree on what to have for lunch and we didn’t eat until 1pm. Bummer. My appetite is completely lost. Bummer.  I had to cancel appointments, playdates and any and all calendar events for this week. Bummer. I discovered that someone had colored all over my husband’s stereo equipment. Bummer. I realized that someone had started chipping away at the veneer on the entertainment center. Bummer. Our five and six year-olds decided to boycott dinner and therefore were sent to bed at 5:30PM. Bummer. Our toddler decided to live life 100MPH today. Bummer. Our six-year-old then came down stairs in that not awake but frantically crying and talking in incomplete sentences mode. Bummer. I was pee’d on. Bummer. I found crayon, mystery spots and who knows what else on the wall. Bummer. Then I found a tear in our not-very-old sofa. Bummer. I haven’t been able to get any much-needed networking done today. Bummer. My stomach still hurts. Bummer.

Even though today was full of bummers, I made sure that everything I did was on purpose. I cleaned the house, on purpose. I washed the clothes, on purpose. I folded and put away the clothes, right away, on purpose. I washed dishes, on purpose. I continued working even though all I wanted to do was sleep, on purpose. I spent the entire day rewriting presentations in my head, on purpose. I included all my children in daily activities even thought they are ill, on purpose. I make sure homework was done, on purpose. I purged paperwork, on purpose. I prepared a loving meal even when I didn’t want to, on purpose. I told all of my children and my husband “I love you”, on purpose. I gave them all kisses and hugs and much-needed Mommy time, on purpose. I’ll wake up and do it all over again, on purpose. I’m hoping for a little more productivity and not so much chaotic yucky, but whatever life hands me, my actions will be on purpose.

What will you do tomorow to live life on purpose?



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