I have been on a personal mission to learn and develop a great knowledge of all things natural and homeopathic in ways of treating our children’s medical needs. Anyone who is a parent can relate to the stress and exhaustion of having a child that is constantly in the doctor’s office. I am careful to count my blessings when I am sitting in the ER for 5 hours with a screaming baby, for I know far too many families that deal with health issues on a daily basis. In my last eleven years of motherhood I have had the pleasure of reading mountains of books and pouring over countless hours of internet educational tools when it comes to the subject of treating our children at home. I would like to share with you one of my most treasured books:

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I cannot tell you how many times I have pulled out this book for a slew of problems. My latest venture was a few weeks ago when I was watching six of my sister’s children. Our 2-year-old nephew is special needs and therefore very sensitive to any sort of treatment. He struggles with digestive issues and was having a rough night. He and I were buddies all night long. He cried and squirmed about in discomfort and all of my “Mom” tricks weren’t helping. After being vomited on for the 20th or so time I pulled out my book and starting searching for something I could give him that wouldn’t upset his delicate system. One of the things I admire about this book is that it has not only conventional treatment options but herbal, homeopathic, acupressure and general recommendations. In addition it also offers nutritional supplements, dietary guidelines and preventative suggestions.

After reading several sections and a few quick middle-of-the-night-texts to my sister, we decided to try flax-seed oil and accupressure abdominal massage. He did settle down and eventually went to sleep in the early morning hours, but when he awoke only two short hours later, he was a completely different kid. He was mellow and relaxed. A complete turn around from the screaming pain-stricken toddler I had on my hands a few hours prior.

In addition to having been able to find a solution for his needs that night I also stumbled upon a potential cure for our 5-year-old who struggles with G.I. issues. If you have a child with a bathroom issues, there is no shortage of suggestions being thrown your way, especially when your child passes the ages of 3 (which seems to be the cut off for Americans on potty training issues). Let me tell you, we have read every book, tried every suggested method (within reason) and struggled every day since taking away diapers at the age of two. Let me just say I have seen my fair share of 5 gallon buckets filled with soaking clothes. I cannot tell you why I hadn’t realized this knowledge before. I have read this book a hundred times or more. For whatever reason, that night, while holding a screaming toddler, I found the answer I have been searching for all these years.

I tried looking for a two key ingredients in our local stores and only received a raised eyebrow from our pharmacist when I asked if he could order the products. I decided to hold off a few days and try the local Co-Op while at my in-laws over Thanksgiving. Friday morning all the women piled into cars and we headed out for our traditional Black Friday shopping. I would venture to guess that my list was slightly different from everyone elses. I was so thrilled to walk into the Co-Op after brunch. I honestly could spend all day in there. I just love Co-Op’s!!! Within two minutes of being in the store I was able to find the first item on my list.

Sulphur 30c tincture – one dose to be taken twice daily for two or three days

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The second item on my list was also easily found but I did consult with a Co-Op manager about the dosage (I have the formula at home, but the discussion was nice nonetheless). I personally find it so comforting to be able to walk into a store and ask for a homeopathic remedy and not get the “your crazy” look for the store clerk. After our nice little chat I decided to on my purchase and merrily went on with my shopping. Seriously, I could have skipped through the store, that is how happy it makes me. My second purchase was

Chlorophyll 50mg – the child dosage can be found by taking the child’s current weight and dividing it by 150 (average adult weight). Therefore if he/she weighs 50lbs the dosage would then be 1/3 of that the adult dose. If the adult dose is 1 TBSP. the child dosage is 1/3 TBSP.

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My final purchase of the day was Castor Oil which I use to cleanse my face by mixing it with Olive Oil. It has a wide variety of uses such a hair conditioner. I try to keep it on hand at all times, but I admit I have been out of it for some time now.

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I always purchase cold pressed or expeller pressed oil because extracting oils at high temperatures destroys the integrity of the oil thereby making it rancid and ineffective.

What have you purchased for your families wellness lately?



  1. Oh, how I could go on and on about all the things I too have discovered in my quest to find the path that works for my family. As my sister, you know all to well as we do go on and on almost on a daily basis. I just have one thing to say to this post. You make me look sooooo bad. Oh well, I hope I have given you my fair share of repayment in my findings. Finally, WE WILL go shopping together one of these days at a Co-op and I am extremely displeased that you are let out of the house to do so on a simi frequent basis.

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