Recently we purchased a few items from Pocketful of Rosies. You can also view their products and get updates by joining their fan page on Facebook. Stephenie mentioned that the best way to be notified of new products, sales and other specials is to become a fan of their Facebook page. Below is what we purchased for our girls. They will find these under the tree come Christmas morning. I can’t wait!

Black Beauty

I just adore these antique brass bands. The detailing is scrumptious! I was a little worried that they might be too big for our youngest daughter, but they are perfect. Just perfect. You simply cannot find headbands like these in the retail stores. I have tried them on myself and they were very comfortable and didn’t slip around, like so many plastic headbands do. The flowers are made from resin and appear to be very durable. Major plus!

Princess Rapunzel Bobby Pin & Headband Set (Necklace sold separate)

These sets (bobby pins and headband sold separately) actually came in VERY handy as our 6-year-old was invited to a Tangled themed birthday party at the last-minute. We got the invitation the night before! So I ran upstairs and grabbed the bobby pin set and we wrapped it. Note to self, reorder the bobby pin set before Christmas!!! The band on this set is golden. I adore the simple elegance.

Custom Purple

Here is a custom headband that I had Stephenie design for our oldest daughter who loves PURPLE! Let me tell you first hand, there isn’t a more patient person you can work with than Stephenie. She had a draft product worked up almost immediately after emailing my request. Once I saw the bands I decided that they should have seven flowers, since that is the size of our family. Stephenie quickly changed the layout and even changed out flowers that I didn’t care for. She happily emailed me picture after picture until I was satisfied with our order. Hands down, best customer service I’ve had in ages.

Custom Pink

Our youngest daughter, who happens to LOVE pink, will be very pleased to see this on Christmas morning. She is very much a princess girly girl and loves everything pink and fluffy and delicious. I think these headbands might even be able to withstand the massive wipeouts on her skateboard. Oh, you didn’t know Princesses skateboard? Well, now you know why their skirts are so puffy. To conceal all of the grapefruit size bandaids they have on their knees. True story.

Royal Beauty Earrings

For our oldest daughter, I wanted matching earrings for her two headbands, The Black Beauty and The Custom Purple. Stephenie again went beyond ‘normal’ customer service, making sure we selected the right size earrings for our daughters size and age. She even customized the colors of the above set, we have purple (top) and black (bottom) to coordinate with the headbands.

Once we were happy with our order I emailed Stephenie and she sent us our PayPal statement. Now, I have to admit that I’d never used PayPal before, we didn’t even have an account. After talking with Stephenie about the benefits of paying through PayPal we opened an account (which only took a few moments). For whatever reason, our PayPal account wasn’t processing the payment. I’m sure it was probably due to my lack of knowing what in the world I was doing. I emailed Stephenie to let her know that I was having issues and the payment would be made shortly. She emailed me back with several troubleshooting ideas that she had researched herself to try to solve the problem. We were able to finalize the payment, through Stephenie’s help and our order was shipped out a day or two afterwards (to allow proper drying time for the custom headbands).

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with our products. They are superb! I can hardly contain myself until Christmas. We will definitely be ordering from Pocketful of Rosies again and I think next time, Mama might spoil herself!

How would you like to have one of these delicious creations under your tree this year?

Pocketful of Rosies has graciously donated a Fairytale Princess Belle bobby pin set that will be given away to the winner of the November reading logs. NOTE: You must also ‘like’ Pocketful of Rosies fan page on Facebook. Be sure to tell Stephenie that House of Kirk sent you! If you haven’t signed up for our Harvest to Harvest Read-Off! yet, you still have time! See official rules for details. Last month the winning family had a total of 76 books! If you can beat that, you might find this pretty little number under your tree Christmas morning.

Fairytale Princess Belle

I apologize for the clarity of the picture. It was taken on our iPod. Our camera isn’t working. I’m guessing someone spilled something on it…again.


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