Yesterday our Supervising Teacher introduced us to a project called The Santa Slayer. She told us about a little boy named Jacob AKA The Leukemia Slayer who has issued a challenge for everyone. Jacob himself is fighting against high risk ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) and has been undergoing treatments since December 2, 2010. He will continue treatments until spring of 2014 (that is the current plan). His mission, as you can see below  from The Leukemia Slayer’s Facebook page, is to deliver toys to all the kids at his hospital and hopefully the Ronald McDonald House as well. The project is simple:

  1. Write a letter or make a card for a child at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital or local Ronald McDonald House.
  2. Enclose $1.00 (or more).
  3. Mail to the address below.
  4. Change the life of a child that might otherwise go without Christmas presents due to monumental hospital expenses.

As soon as I heard about this project I knew it was something our family would become involved in. I truly believe that each person has the ability to change another persons life. When our family is presented with an issue or challenge we have made it a family affair to answer the call to the best of our ability. Be it through donations, spreading the word or taking action. Over the years our family has supported several charities to fight childhood cancer. We either participate and/or donate to events like The March of Dimes and the CureSearch Walk. Did you know that 46 children are diagnosed with a form of Childhood Cancer each and every day? Think about that number for a moment. That means that there will be approximately 16,790 children diagnosed with cancer this year alone. My heart breaks and I was shaken to my core when I read these numbers. To think that over 184,690 children have suffered from some form of cancer since I became a mother 11 years ago…

I am sure that each one of you have been touched by cancer, either by a friend or family member. Childhood cancer is consuming our nation. It is steeling our children and robbing them of their childhood and possibility their lives. Here is a simple way to help fight cancer, I hope that each one of you will answer the call and help The Santa Slayer Project.

Hello it is The Leukemia Slayer. I was telling my Mom the other day that I need more inspiration in my life, to mix things up because my life feels kind of sad sometimes because I have cancer. I would like to feel important to others so I decided to start the Santa Slayer… Project. My project idea is for me (The Leukemia Slayer!) to deliver Christmas toys to the kids at my hospital, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, and maybe even the Ronald McDonald house. I would like to make all the sick kids feel like they are important too. In order to do my project I am asking for only a $1.00 donation. Donations can be sent via mail to: The Leukemia Slayer c/o Jacob Goeders 701 Mariposa Ave Mountain View, CA 94041 or by paypal to Thank you very much for helping me with my project! I love my family and my fans!

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