GIVE LIKE NO ONE ELSE! certainly has the Christmas spirit of giving. Now through December 21st you can enter their daily giveaway. Dave is giving away more than $150,000.00 in prizes. The giveaway is on day four of twenty-one. Each (adult) person can enter once a day for all twenty-one days of the contest. After filling out your contest information you will see a prompt that encourages your to answer your phone if a number with beginning with 615 calls, thats Dave calling to tell you YOU’RE A WINNER! Yesterday it was a chance to win a XBox Kinnex, today the winner will receive their choice of a Dave Ramsey book (which are all currently on sale for $10).


Dave Ramsey

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If you were planning on purchasing any Dave Ramsey products as a Christmas gift or perhaps you had a few items on your own wish list, now is the time to buy. With shipping only $4.95 on ANY order, the current $10 book prices are a steel to any local book store (sorry Book World, but it is true, your sticker prices have me heart failure yesterday).

If you have been considering purchasing Dave Ramsey products for your little ones, this is the package that I would suggest. Our kids LOVE their Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Jr. and we have made it a part of their curriculum. The CD are wonderful for lessons on the go and the kids actually ASK to listen to Adventures with Junior. Each Saturday they all eagerly ask if they can be the one who adds up everyone’s commission sheets for payday. Our youngest one participates to his level, he will listen to the stories and we do provide him a $1.00 commission every week. Since he is only 21-months-old, 100% of his commission goes into savings. Our older four children all have their ‘spend item’ picked out and are proudly saving away for their purchases of a: Kindle Fire, Transformer Wii game, iPod and a Donkey Kong Country Returns II Wii game respectively.


Kids Monster Pack

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The Monster Packs are currently 58% off and priced at $48.95. If you have more than one child I would also suggest purchasing extra Financial Peace Junior Packs on sale for only $10 each and additional Juniors Adventures Banks for each child as well. I made the mistake of only ordering one bank (with the Monster Pack) as I didn’t realize the additional Financial Peace Junior Packs did not contain the banks. We have temporarily resolved the issue by making it the “family” bank. Our 21-month-olds favorite game is putting coins into the three different sections of: Save, Spend & Give. NOTE: He is carefully supervised while doing this. The banks are also currently on sale for $14.95 (25% off) so there many be a few of them coming to our house very soon.


One response to “GIVE LIKE NO ONE ELSE!

  1. I love Dave Ramsey. My husband and I signed up for FPU and are sooo excited. Well, I am ver excited anyway. Hha

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