I seriously doubt there is enough coffee in the world to wake this tired Mama up today. I know so many of you have been in my shoes before. Last night I stumbled into bed around 10PM longing for sleep. About two minutes after I had laid down my two-year-old nephew started screaming. So I dragged myself out of bed and took him back down stairs, we did this about twenty times. His tummy was bothering him and he was one unhappy camper. I finally laid him down at 5:30AM to have the alarm go off a half hour later… I hit the snooze a million times until 7AM when I was forced to get up by eight of eleven children pidder-paddering around the house. My nephew was up again by 7:30AM.

The good news is he is no longer screaming non-stop. The bad news is, the duct tape keeps falling off my eye lids and I cannot find the super glue.  I really hate when that happens. Productivity is really a non-existent word when you are literally using your fingers to keep your eye lids open.

It is our fourth childs birthday today, he is five. All he wants for his birthday is a Ben10 cake, which I haven’t made yet. I’m suppose to make personal pizzas from scratch tonight for his birthday dinner, I haven’t started that either. I haven’t got the dishes done, the house cleaned or even gotten properly dressed. I did manage to get a shower, only because I was vomited on more times than I can count last night. I have no idea how many people are coming to our party tonight. There might be plus 14 and there might be plus zero. When did everyone become so busy they cannot find the time to RSVP?

I’m glad our 5-year-old loves me no matter what. Bless his little heart. He loves his Mama.


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