This weekend our house if full to brim with children, ten to be exact. Six of my sister’s eight children are staying with us while they tend to some medical issues with their oldest child. Our oldest child is enjoying some one on one time with Nana researching our family tree. I tried to convince my sister to leave her youngest child with me as well but quickly lost the argument (which I knew I would) as she is only 7-months-old and needs her Mama 24/7.

Yesterday we took it easy with a movie night. Today we enjoyed several trips outside to burn off all that energy otherwise known as childhood. Our youngest daughter is now sporting a fair amount of road rash from her adventures outdoors. Not to worry, thanks to several months of first-aid couponing we are well stocked with “I did a face plant off my skateboard and it was awesome” bandaids. For afternoon snack three of the children helped me prepare a 1/2 sheet of banana bars. They were delicious! Then a few of them sat down to play the game 10 Days in the USA. The game is rated for ages 10+ but our 4 year-old enjoys playing the game also with some help from Mom and Dad. I highly recommend it. Your geography, strategy and logical thinking skills will be challenged in multiple ways.

10 Days in the USA

Image from Amazon.com

As I write this five of the ten children are currently in time-out on the couch for disobedience. I am in no way trying to say that having this many children in the house is easy. The most challenging aspect for me if the housework that comes with the large numbers. Over all I very much enjoy having a house full of children. I like hearing their stories, watching each child’s personality and observe how they all blend (or not) together. The days are filled with several moments where I am lacking grace and need a minute to compose myself. Even though it is challenging I love every minute of it. Even when my husband asks, “do you need anything from the store” and my reply is “HORSE TRANQUILIZERS!!!” I should probably mention that is a reference to my need to calm down and not my desire to drug the children into mindless statues. In case any of you were wondering…

Tomorrow we will be having monkey bread for breakfast per the request of my five-year-old nephew. Tacos for lunch and pork & bean soup w/ cornbread & honey butter for dinner. We are going to attempt to get the house ready for a birthday celebration on Monday. I am also planning on teaching the oldest children how to make laundry soap during nap time. That is the plan. Who knows what will actually happen.


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