Two wonderful things happened today.

#1 The Duggar’s announced they are expecting baby number #20 in April (watch here). I am honestly thrilled for them. I wish them health and happiness.

#2 I accidentally discovered another use for Olive Oil this morning. After cleansing my face (which I normally do in the shower to avoid a mess) I went to clean up the oil that had dripped off my hands and onto the sink. As I began to wipe it up I was struck with sheer joy, literally! The olive oil was removing our hard water build-up on the sink effortlessly. I may be in shock! I have tried every trick known to man to remove the build-up. It was now wiping off with ease. I quickly squealed and dumped more olive oil and coated the entire sink. I waiting a minute and then removed the oil with a warm wash cloth. I am not a scientist, but the oil appeared to have broken down and bonded to the build-up. I am so happy, I kid you not, I did a jig. No more expensive cleaners or harsh brillo pads to damage the porcelain. If you have hard water problems like we do, I strongly suggest you try this. I’m going to try it on our tub later today.


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