Our family has been transitioning to real food for some time now. There are many aspects of following this guideline that I enjoy, like making our own bread, noodles, yogurt and butter. There are other issues that have a conflict with my, well…cheapness. Eating healthy is NOT cheap! As much as I would like to fill our backyard with cows, goats, sheep, chickens and pigs I cannot. I’m pretty sure there are city ordinances against such things. I find it incredibly unfair that other people can keep backyard chickens and I cannot. I pout about it very frequently. Seeing how an acreage purchase is no where in the near future, I have to re-evaluate the situation. How can we stay within a budget and still eat healthy? I’ve been an avid couponer for several years now but I find myself drawing away from them. If you are yelling, “bite your tongue woman, ” I understand. I have a small issue with walking into the market and spending hundreds of dollars when I know it is possible to buy the same quantity of food for pennies on the dollar.

After long hours of soul-searching and research I asked myself these questions: Is feeding my family cheaply more important than feeding them organically grown, of the earth whole foods? The answer was no. Is saving money more important than the health of our children. No. Was I willing to subject my children to a laundry list of modern diseases in order to continue using coupons. No. Could I continue to feed our family food that I knew full well were full of toxins and un-natural substances? No. Was the quantity of the purchase more important than the quality? No. Could I turn away from the knowledge that had been bestowed upon me in order to save money? No. The answer was pretty clear. As much as it made me cringe, it just wasn’t possible to change our diet to real food and continue to coupon. At least not the way I had before.

So, this is what our current food budget looks like. I have been working on finding coupons, co-op deals and learning the in’s and out’s of wonderful things like bartering and gardening year-round. I have set a one-year goal for cutting our budget in half. I have no idea if this is even possible. But, hey, a girl can dream can’t she?


Monthly Budget $800

    • Week 1 $150.00
    • Week 2 $150.00
    • Week 3 $150.00
    • Week 4 $150.00
    • Week 5 $150.00
    • Building Emergency Food Supply $50.00

Obviously if the month only has four weeks we are $150 under budget. At least that is the plan. With today’s food prices, I find myself wanting to curl up in the fetal position in the check-out lane. Doesn’t everyone?




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