And the winner is…

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The Bunda Family, Congratualations!

The Bunda’s have certainly sent the bench mark high for the year-end contest. They submitted 76 books read during the month of October, how outstanding is that?!?! Please contact House of Kirk with your full name and shipping address (via email) by 10 October 2011 to claim your prize.

The November winner will receive a wonderful Bobby Pin set by Pocketful of Rosies! I will post pictures of it once I receive them.

If you are looking for a few ideas, here are some books you might like to check out at your local library:

That Book Woman

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This book is based on the true and very amazing work of the Pack Horse Librarians, otherwise known as “Book Women” in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky. Founded in the 1930s as part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Work Progress Administration to bring books to the remote regions of the country. In a time when the woman’s place was “in the kitchen” these women braved the weather and dangerous territories to bring books to children who might never otherwise see chicken scratch.  Admittedly, I had a hard time reading the book aloud. You might find yourself clearing your thought a time or too to cover up the fact that you are on the verge of bawling your eyes out. I love this book!


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This book just happen to be checked-out by our 6-year-old the same week our 4-year-old son received his first penpal letter from his new friend in Anchorage, Alaska. The story tells of a courageous lead dog, Akiak, who has to be taken out of the race due to injury. What no one expects is for Akiak to win the race by tracking down her sled. This story touched our hearts and provided a wonderful educational opportunity to reference Anchorage and the Iditarod, a daring 1, 151-mile race across some of Alaska’s toughest terrain.


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