Yesterday the kids and I rolled up our sleeves and worked for hours on the Library. Here are some before pictures. These were taken after we had removed all of the toys.

Library Before


Stairwell Before


Library Center Before


…and here is what it looks like this morning


Progress: Day 1


Progress: Day 2

I am hoping to finish this room by supper today. There are a few things that will not be addressed immediately, like:

  1. Purchasing eco-friendly magazine boxes – we currently have homemade organizers made from cereal boxes.
  2. Cataloging the entire contents of the Library and organizing them as they would be found in a public library.
  3. Decor – we will be using a brilliant idea found online for multipurpose items that we have around the house.
  4. Window treatments, as you can see our windows are going all-naturel
  5. Replacing the window on the stairwell with a beautiful stained-glass window purchased from the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store
  6. Replacing the broken window in the Library door with a custom-made stained-glass window to match the stairwell. My Grandfather just happens to dabble in stained-glass so it will be an extra special purchase.

There are still several pieces upstairs that either have to be moved into the Library or donated. I’ll be sure to post a ‘finished project’ picture later this week.


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