I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, this year has flown by! Last year at this time I was telling myself that by the end of 2011 our house would be completely organized. The mass chaos would be banned. Order would be restored, for I AM MOM! Then in the blink of an eye it is Halloween 2011 and the house still looks the same. When did seconds turn into months? Where has this ENTIRE year gone? What am I going to do to fulfill my deadline of perfect order?!?!?

OK, perfect order is a little far-fetched. So we are shooting for almost perfect…

This weekend we put a HUGE dent in the never-ending to do list. The garage has been organized (again, for the billionth time since purchasing this house), the bikes have been put up for the winter, the trampoline taken down, the outdoor toys have been put up…mostly thanks to my amazing husband and dutiful children. Meanwhile, I was busy reorganizing the ever shrinking pantry stockpile. It no longer consumes half our house. It scares me, it terrifies me…but we will be replacing all of that pre-packaged, highly refined, toxic, addictive foods with wholesome goodness and all will be well with the world again. Then I called my husband upstairs to “discuss” some things. That resulted in moving: 2 dressers, 2 arm chairs, 4 lamps, one king size bed, one blanket box, one whatchamacallit box, one side table, a half-dozen storage totes, several suitcases, vegetation of all kinds, and about half a garbage can full of I-didn’t-know-that-was-there items that are no longer taking up residence in the master bedroom. Then I ‘adjusted’ the beds in the boy’s room about a million times until they were just right. Then I asked my husband to please move the boys dresser to a different wall, he said no, I pouted. Then the toy kitchen and double-glidder-rocking-chair were moved to the garage for repairs. I’m pleased.

While all of that was happening, it was decided that:

  • the office/school room will be moved downstairs into the library
  • the office/school room will now be where our king-size bed lives…and the TV, I guess…if it makes my husband happy, which it does
  • the master bedroom will then become the sitting/yoga/dressing room
  • the toys that are currently living in our library will be sorted, downsized and moved into the children’s bedrooms
  • the porch will be sorted, downsized and organized so help me, AMEN!
  • the basement will be sorted, downsized and organized resulting in pure splendor
  • the 50 gallon fish tank will be moved to the opposite wall in the dining room and the hutch will take its place
  • every single thing in the house will be assessed. If broken, un-used or un-needed it will be: recycled, trashed or donated.
  • and lastly, but not least, every square inch of this house will be cleaned, organized, and sparkly clean…did I mention clean?

Did I also mention that I have given our family the deadline of Thanksgiving in which to accomplish all of this?

If we succeed, they get new fish. They are pretty stoked about it. My husband is agreeable, because it makes me happy…and when Mama is happy, everybody is happy…and that is how it should be, AMEN!


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