1. Massage into scalp before showering to alleviate dry scalp and/or winter itching.
  2. Use a small amount of olive oil instead of store-bought lotions/oils. Bakers have been using this trick for centuries to prevent contaminating their baked goods with smells.
  3. Rub a dab of olive oil on your chapped lips, coconut oil also works well, depends on your taste preference.
  4. Massage your face with olive oil or a mixture of olive oil and castor oil. Stream face with semi-hot wash cloth twice then wipe clean. You’ll never buy another store-bought facial cleaner again. NOTE: Simply adjust ratio of olive oil to castor oil for dry or naturally oily skin.
  5. Massage your little ones down with olive oil after their bath. Using proper massage techniques (benefits here) to promote healthy blood flow, reduce stress and promotes valuable bonding time.
  6. Replace your shaving cream with olive oil for a natural healthy way to shave.
  7. Oil Pulling, a dying technique to improve dental health and aids detoxification of the tissues in the mouth. While styling your hair, slowly swish about a tablespoon amount of olive oil in your mouth for a minute or two.
  8. Natural hair detangler, in a small spray bottle combine equal parts water and olive oil and spray on hair as needed. Bonus: smooths frizzy, damaged hair and conditions all at once!
  9. Sipping a small amount of olive oil before bed will quiet coughing or snoring.
  10. Smooth rough feet with a mixture of epsom salt and olive oil. Massage onto feet before shower. The epsom salt will remove dead tissue while moisturizing with olive oil.
  11. Smooth an ear infection by dabbing a small amount of olive oil on a cotton ball and rubbing on the outer ear. Olive oil can also be used by placing a few drops inside the ear canal BUT this should be done under the supervision on a health care professional.
  12. Replace your furniture polish with two parts olive oil and one part lemon juice. Your wood will never look so good!
  13. Polish your stainless steel with a light layer of olive oil. Use one cloth to polish and another clean cloth to buff.
  14. Forget the WD-40, just dab a small amount of olive oil on those squeaky doors and they will be good as new.
  15. Winter is coming and that means lots of stuck zippers! A few drops of olive oil will loosen them right up.

When purchasing olive oil it is important to look for ones that are “expelled pressed, UV protected”. There are as many ways to produce olive oil as there is brands. Some processing is done at high-temperatures which destroys the integrity of the oils making them rancid and thereby removing any natural benefits they once had. Plus, once an oil is rancid, they are chemically deodorized before being bottles to make them “appealing” to consumers once again. Which pretty much defeats any purpose you had for using the natural oil to begin with and can be harmful to your health. Olive oil has a shelf life of a year to two years. Make sure to check the bottling date before purchasingĀ and store properly in a cool dark place. Light will speed up the oxidation process which turns the oil rancid. If in doubt, do the sniff test. If it smells un-natural or musty/moldy – toss it out. Remember, your skin is a part of your body too. Thereby whatever you choose to put on it then becomes part of your body by absorbtion.


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