Today I am very thankful for my very dear friend who willingly hand delivered 5oz of breast milk last night so I could treat our 21-month-olds eye infection. If you are picking up the phone to report me to child services, relax. Breast milk has been a proven long-standing, safe and natural treatment for pink eye, non-specific eye infections and clogged ducts.

His eye infection is a result of allergies turned sinus infection that he then rubbed into his eyes. At 1PM yesterday he had small eye ‘buggers’ and by 7pm we were doing as many hot compresses as he would allow. His eyes were beginning to seal shut and the infection was running down his face. Yes, I know, not pretty. He was miserable. Not wanting to expose him to more illnesses at the ER nor  give him un-natural medicines, I did what ever other non-lactating mother would do. Picked up my phone and texted my friend. We had a few laughs about my request, but she willingly delivered the precious liquid.

I am happy to report that after one treatment (a few drops in each eye) his eyes have dramatically improved. We will continue to do treatment for a few days just to make sure. We will also continue the hot compress treatment as well as massaging his ducts. I am so very thankful for my lactating friend right now! I only wish I had known about this treatment option 11 years ago. It would have saved us countless hours in the doctor’s office.



  1. Wish I would have know about this too! Elijah had an eye infection and clogged tear ducts about every month. We spent a lot of time and money on doctor appointments and eye drops.

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