We’ve had a ‘bug’ of some sort at our house this week. Our 21-month-old and I have been the only ones to be affected, so far. I’ve been waking up feeling like I was trampled by a herd of elephants then ran over by a few dozen tractor-trailers immediately after. You know those mornings, when you sit up and instantly grab your head from sheer pain. Yes, those days.

On days like these, it is easy to stay in bed all day, let the children ransack the house and make something frozen that comes in a box for dinner. However, I have found that if I force myself to complete simple everyday tasks that I not only feel better, but avoid the catastrophic aftermath.

Therefore I refer to The Simple 7. Seven tasks to complete because, well, there are seven of us. I associate my life around my family size. Doesn’t everyone? Below are my chosen tasks:

The Simple 7

  1. Laundry (we have a minimum 3 load/day rule)
  2. Dishes (at least one load/sink full)
  3. Pick up the messiest room
  4. Complete one task that would please my husband (honey do list)
  5. Read a book to the kids
  6. Play a board game with the kids
  7. Prepare a nutritious meal for dinner

Now, I know what you’re thinking, who in the world wants to play board games when their head feels like it is going to explode? Taking 15-30 minutes to spend quality time with your children makes a world of difference. You will find that if you take time to tend everyone’s needs, the house will be a more suitable environment for healing and recovery. It beats yelling at everyone to be quiet all day long, right? If the weather is nice, I would also suggest going outside for at least 15 minutes. Fresh air does the body good. If you are unable to rest during the day, a very common problem at any house with small children, try putting on some soothing classical music and sitting down with a good book. The music will clam everyone’s spirits and you will feed your own spirit and mind in the process.


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