Choosing homeschool curriculum is like opening presents on Christmas day, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Last year I spent months, literally, searching through the Rainbow Resources catalog and perusing online stores and fellow Homeschooler blogs for “the perfect curriculum”. My goals are perhaps a trifle ambitious, but still within our overall vision for our children’s education. While on my search I stumbled upon, what I feel, is one of the best purchases to date.

Music Masters CD Pack

Each CD features and hour of the artists most recognizable works and narration about their life. Which makes this a perfect learning tool for when you are stuck in the car for any length of time. Our children have been exposed to classical music from their conception and therefore were not surprised to find this in the CD player. The narrations are informative, detailed history about each artist. You will even find yourself expanding your education with unknown facts. We purchased our set of 18 from Rainbow Resources for a very reasonable $56.50 (retail price $107.82). You can also buy them individually for under $4 a CD. Purchasing them in the set equals a savings of around $15.

The collection includes the life and works of: Schubert, Beethoven, Berlioz, Haydn, Handel, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Vivaldi, Corelli, Schumann, Grieg, Dvorak, Strauss, Wagner, Foster, Sousa, Bach, Brahms, Verdi, Mendelssohn & Mozart. Twenty-one artists in total. You could easily expand on this music appreciation & history lesson by asking each child to write a short essay about the artist (language arts). Then you could take the opportunity to study the homeland of each artist (geography and social studies). Each child could produce a rendering of the artist (art). If your children are musically inclined they could learn and perform a piece from each artist (music). If you have any dancers in your household, they could choreograph a performance (physical education). Viola, you have successfully covered 8 subjects! At this point you should reward yourself with a piece of chocolate and a self-high-five. Oh whatever floats your boat.

If your children attend public school, you might consider using this wonderful tool to create a summer program. Taking the above suggestions or your own, you could transform the CDs into a 10-15 week program. Just a thought. Happy learning!


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